Friends of Friends Compilation + New Stuff from Shlohmo

Ever since one of LA’s most fascinating labels Friends of Friends did a rambunctious takeover of Boiler Room, they’ve solidified a place in my heart as an enigmatic and refreshing label with unmatched originality. These guys are the weirdos that maybe you’re not supposed to understand, maybe you are, I don’t really know. But it’s cool… whether you “get it” or not… the point is they’re straight up making really cool music in a very new way and they’ve definitely made it work.

Oh yeah, not to mention they were definitely the underdogs entering Red Bull Culture Clash last month but absolutely DESTROYED and left with a hell of a show and a very worthy (and very close) competition with SMOG for first place. Home to the likes of Jerome LOL, Salva, Groundislava, Shlohmo, Thomas Barfod, and more, FoF pushes all of the boundaries and limits of the current music scene whilst maintaining an irrefutable charm.

This brings me to the newest from the Friends of Friends front, a compilation called “Show Me The Future” which came out yesterday. Over the proceeding seven tracks, FoF introduces you to the newest sounds and artists of 2013, bringing on newcomer (and old FoF intern) Pcoat, triumphant Canadian Ryan Hemsworth and a few others into the mix. The standout tune for me was Hemsworth’s “An Overture Might Help Me Stop Thinking About You” which I have unabashedly listened to like five times since starting this paragraph.

In true friend fashion, FoF is giving away the compilation for a “name your price” rate over on Bandcamp. You can listen to all 7 tracks and grab them all here: SHOW ME THE FUTURE on BandCamp

Additional news on the Friends of Friends front comes from Shlohmo, a producer who in my opinion cannot fail & is thusly no stranger to my posts on GDD. Super sweet dude with an amusingly strange internet presence, Shlohmo topped my 2012 with one of my favorite remixes of the year (his take on LOL Boys’ “Changes”).

Shlohmo’s gearing up for a solid little tour in the springtime, in preparation no doubt for his upcoming EP “Laid Out” released on March 5. On his drippy and sort of romantically-ominous new website you can also stream his brilliant collabo with How To Dress Well, a tune called Later, that will be on the new EP.

I’m genuinely so excited for the Friends of Friends gang, and look very happily towards the Shlohmo release as well as everything else the label has in store for us this year.

In the mean time, be sure to follow them on Facebook on Twitter, as well as their gang of musicians. Hilarity and good tunes all around.