[Reviews] New Years – New York Style

When you go out in the Big Apple, you don’t just go out….you go out with a vengeance. With a constant supply of excellent party options, party-hopping becomes an art that only the most hardy of partiers can properly perform. Well, as a tried and true “party animal” I started my New Years celebrations early and have the battle scars to prove it. Check out my insane NYE weekend after the jump and find out all the debauchery I got up to over the last few days…and don’t miss my chat with RUSKO about drugs, the holidays and his plan to release all his future music for free!


It’s no secret that I love Webster Hall. So it was inevitable that I would eventually end up there at least once on my NYE weekend adventures. And after a week and a half of stuffing my face and watching marathons of the three ‘Santa Clause’ movies…I was fucking ready to GO, so I booked it down to the historic venue pretty much as soon as I got back into the city. While their DJ set is a bit different from their live experience, The Knocks are still some of the chillest guys in town to party with, so I was pretty pleased to find out they were performing that night. Opening for the wunderkind, Madeon, their set featured some of the biggest electro-house tracks around, dropping the likes of Avicii, David Guetta, Laidback Luke, and Congorock. Normally that much electro is pretty boring, but liquored up and watching the crowd go crazy from my spot on stage I found myself having a damn good time.


My next stop was at the massive westside warehouse, Pier 94. The RPM Group had rented this space for a four day NYE weekend affair and I just couldn’t miss the opportunity to catch up with Rusko and express myself with Diplo Sunday night.

The warehouse was already packed and going off by the time I arrived at the start of Rusko’s set. Playing his signature UK dubstep, manning the mic as his own MC and hopping around the stage like a lunatic, Rusko assaulted the crowd by dropping tracks like “Suffocate” by The Prototypes, “Nuclear (Hands Up)” by Zomboy and “Get Live” by Roksonix mixed with originals like “Somebody to Love” and “Booyakasha.” After his set we “borrowed” Afrojack’s trailer for a quick interview, check it out below!

After that awesome interview, I ran back to the stage to catch the last hour of Diplo’s set. Proclaiming “Tonight…we don’t give a FUCK!” Mr. Major Lazer himself proceeded to mix up the best of Trap, Hip-Hop and Moombahton in only a way that he can. Plus, dude even played “Levels” without irony and it was great. Fav tracks of the night include RL Grimes & Salva’s remix of “Mercy” by Kanye and gang, “Jah No Partial” by Major Lazer, “Bueller” by ETC! ETC! & Diplo & Brillz, “I’m Different” by 2 Chainz and of course, ended with the booty poppin’ anthem “Express Yourself.”

Admittedly, after Diplo, Afrojack did take the decks as the headlining act…but like 10 min in he dropped his remix of “Gangnam Style” and I got bored, so I decided to drunkenly walk the streets of New York with a friend to see what trouble we could get into with the remaining hours of the night.


Finally, after surviving 3 days of constant drunkenness, good music and more crazy situations than I can count (the subways get WEIRD after 3am) it was finally the day! It was time to wipe the slate clean, say goodbye to 2012 and usher in a whole new year, fresh with opportunities for music, friends and fun!

Out of all the parties I could have chosen, I wanted the one that promised to be the most insanely fun and crazy – and the farthest away from Times Square. Hosted by Area Event, Dada Life, Deniz Koyu, Bassjackers and Pierce Fulton brought in 2013 with a historic display of ridiculousness that will easily pass for my best NYE yet. The production was crazy, the location couldn’t be beat and while I’ve seen the Dada’s before, I had never seen that many Champagne facials and banana shenanigans in my life.

Craziness aside, my favorite set of this show was Pierce Fulton’s. Even when opening the young up & comer proved he is seriously one to watch in 2013. Listen to his entire set below, and make sure to check out his monthly podcast Get Weird:

However, as a firm believer of not sleeping on New Years, you bet my night didn’t end here. After a few Jager shots and a champagne toast I booked it out of the Dada Land compound over to another warehouse closer to the east river.

Unicorn Meat NYC had decided to put on a one of a kind show in a huge warehouse by the water called “The Wander,” headlined by Moby and featuring an VIP open bar, acrobatic performers and light-art installations. This was definitely the event that I was the most excited for out of my entire weekend and Moby did not disappoint. Mixing a variety of hard hitting electro with melodic piano inspired tracks plus a few throwbacks, the crowd was taken on a 2 hour journey. Best tracks of the night: “The End” by Tommy Trash, “I need” by The Loops of Fury, “Bleep” by Sandy Vee, “Prophecies” by Alex Metric, “Infinity 2008 (Klaas Remix) by Guru Josh Project and “Ya Mama” by Fatboy Slim.

brb, going to sleep now…

Photos of The Knocks, Diplo, Rusko and Pier 94 courtesy of Andrew Rauner (@ajr_photos).
Photos of The Dada Land Compound, Dada Life and Pierce Fulton courtesy of Angela Bruno Photography (@angiebphoto).
Photos of Moby and The Wander courtesy of MOSES PiNi SiLUK.