[DOWNLOAD] Anna Lunoe – Empty Girl

Without a doubt, my favorite babe of 2012 was the lovely and talented Ms. Anna Lunoe.  She’s a wonderful DJ, an amazing songwriter, a master collaborator, her style is sexy and her eyebrows are bangin’.  If last year was any indication of things to come from Anna, then 2013 should be a big year for her.

The Anna Lunoe Facebook page just hit the 10,000 fan milestone and as a gift to her fans, Anna is giving away a track for free.  It’s a Winter-y song she wrote back in 2011.  It’s deep & sweet with a little UK shuffle.  Here’s what she had to say about it:

“This is one of the first songs that I wrote, produced and recorded on one rainy Winter’s day in June 2011.  It’s very simple and quite different in style to the things I’m working on now, but looking back, it’s a sweet in its simplicity but I thought some of you might enjoy it.  I will disable it in ten days or after 10K downloads.

Happy new year and thank you for supporting my music! 
x Anna”

A little song with a lot of heart.  Thanks, Anna…