GDDs Sexiest DJs of 2012

It’s rather alarming how much being a musician amps up a gentleman’s (or lady’s) “sexiness” level, but there’s no denying it’s true. Musicians have been beacons of much affection for as long as music has existed, perhaps (this is my psych major talking here) because of our innate emotional connection to music, or maybe by some grace of god the handsome gene is connected to the music affinity gene. Who knows. Although I’m more particular to band dudes (drummers, specifically) there’s quite a few devilishly handsome gentlemen amongst the DJ/Producer world that are worthy of the ample female attention they get.

So here we are, as a preliminary chart to GDD’s “Best of 2012″…. Three Wise’s and my list of the “sexiest” artists amongst the electronic sphere. Not only are the below gentlemen considerably easy on the eyes, but their personalities, charisma, wit, and duh, MUSIC all add to culminate what I’d like to call “sexy”. Keep doing your thing, boys. Check out the list all the way to #1 after the jump (my votes in blue, Three Wise’s in red) and let us know where your most handsome DJs rank! -Laura.

10. Max from Prince Club
max prince club

I know not one single person that is not immediately caught by Max’s infectious and bright charm. With a non-self-serving sense of pride and a subtle confidence that only French (well, French-Canadian in his case) people seem to have, Max is EVERYBODY’S friend and the twinkle in many a girls eye. Pair his stellar personality with a well-dressed, well-tailored stature covered in tattoos, along with piercing blue eyes, and it’s instantly easy to see why I included him on this list. Oh yeah ladies he’s a really good cook too. And he’ll make you laugh. -LD

9. Flume

Even though he is on the younger side of the DJ spectrum (coming in at the ripe old age of 19) Australia’s Flume has taken 2012 by storm. The massive release of his self titled album and the sultry sounds of its title track “Holding On” coupled with the kid’s naturally good looks and adorable accent make him nearly irresistible. -TW

8. Loco Dice
loco dice

I will go ahead and say, with zero exaggeration, seeing Loco Dice for the first time in Las Vegas this summer at Drai’s (from 4-11 in the morning, mind you) changed my life. More specifically, changed my view on DJing and music. He was like a snake charmer, the minute he started playing I was enchanted, I didn’t leave my spot on the dancefloor for the entire six hours & was smiling and energized for the immediately proceeding eight hour drive back to LA. The tall and buff Tunisian has DJ skills I’ve yet to see matched in the US, and a machismo that slaps him right on my list of favorites. -LD

7. Calvin Harris

Is it just me or did Calvin Harris suddenly get really sexy this year? I can’t put my finger on what it is exactly…maybe his lighter hair or sexy scruff…or maybe I’m just seeing him more often with the success of “18 Months” and his mainstream appeal? Whatever it is, it has certainly caught my eye! And don’t even get me started about that English accent… -TW

6. A-Trak

There are so many reasons why I love A-Trak. I mean, as a world renowned turntablist, producer and Fool’s Gold label head with a fly sense of style and signature Fedora, what’s not to love? Oh yeah… AND he is fucking hilarious. -TW

5. Brodinski

Ah, Brodi. France’s most charming man with a mind like an encyclopedia for music. I’m unaware of another DJ that is more true to the definition of a DJ (except perhaps Mike B) in the way he masterfully conducts his set to light up a crowd. Whether it’s rap or massive techno, whether 4PM or 4AM, Brodinski knows exactly what to play and every time I’ve seen him the only pause girls take from dancing is to tell me how good looking he is. Incredibly charismatic and friendly, and with a smoky French accent to top things off, Brodinski will always remain a favorite of mine. And it doesn’t hurt that he’s so passionate about music and camaraderie, oh and that I smile every time I hear ” ‘allo Louha, ‘ow ah yoo?” -LD

4. Stefano Ritteri / Solo

Max (of Prince Club) first introduced me to his dear friend Stefano Ritteri (aka Solo) at Winter Conference in Miami this year, and with well over 6 feet of swaggering Italian good looks it’s hard not to be taken aback. Solo is like the Italian guy your mom warned you about but you (still) secretly wish would take you away on a motorcycle to a lost paradise. That and he makes really f*cking incredible music. Owner of the Congaloid label and avid lover of smoking, girls, and his foggy residence of London, Ritteri oozes sexy from his slicked back hair to his tailored leather shoes. -LD

3. Diplo

When I think of Diplo it’s really hard for me not to think of sex. With that gorgeous smile, impeccable style, and tall tanned physique it’s obvious why he is well known for being a ladies man. Add in his production abilities, talent for finding new music and ridiculous live show and you pretty much have an unstoppable force. There is a reason so many girls are ready and willing to “express themselves” on stage for him… -TW

2. Burns

In the depths of the internet lies a very rare Scion A/V interview Burns did with the man Franki Chan back in 2009. He looked like a nervous Beatles reject, and though I say that lovingly, since then he’s made a vast improvement. I’ve consistently been impressed with Burns’ sets, he’s one of my absolute favorites when it comes to picking a fantastic opening track EVERY time. Perhaps the best thing about Burns is that he’s odd… which (oddly) adds to the allure. With a quirky sense of humor, eclectic taste and style of music, and hilariously weird YouTube, Burns makes the “high school nerd turned super attractive adult” analogy a perfect reality. Cheeky English humor is always worth a ton of points with me too, which puts Burns right at the top of my list. -LD

1. Gesaffelstein

The first time I saw Gesaffelstein it was like 11am and I was standing in a half empty festival tent, entranced by the deep, dark techno emanating from the speakers. I obviously needed to get closer to the man and the music though, so I made my way up through the crowd until I was side-stage. To say that this man lives and breathes sexy is an understatement. He is magnetic. He moves like a jungle cat and will stand there, with one too many buttons on his white pressed shirt undone and stare into the depths of your soul while nonchalantly smoking a cig and mouthing something unintelligible in French. And I die. Even his music connected with me on a deep, primal level – filling me with this need to listen and dance, and to find out more about the elusive person that is Mike Levy. – TW


Cyril Hahn

Cyril Hahn pretty much overnight became one of my favorite remixers of the year when I was referred to his remix of Destiny’s Child’s “Say My Name” (thanks, J!). He has yet to not blow me completely away with his takes on various R&B tracks. With gajillions of plays on his SoundCloud, a packed first European tour ahead, and his first release (of Jessie Ware’s “Sweet Talk”) up on Beatport, I am betting 2013 will look VERY sweet for the young Canadian. -LD


With stunning good looks, a Joseph Gordon-Levitt sort of appeal and the hottest tat sleeve I’ve seen in a minute, Ghastly! was an easy pick for “upcoming sexy DJ”. Add this to his humorously self-proclaimed “Awkward drunk sex music” coming out in a debut EP in the New Year and a rad remix of Doctor P that I found in my inbox and you’ve definitely got one to watch. -TW