[REVIEW] My Gigamesh Double-Header

Last weekend, I decided that I just didn’t have enough disco in my life (I mean, can you ever really have enough disco?) ….and so I went in search of the perfect party to satisfy my craving. Luckily, I heard that Gigamesh was in town with back to back shows at The DL and the infamous Glasslands Gallery, and you bet I went to both! Find out what went down after the jump!

Over the course of this epic nu-disco double header I heard a variety of Giga originals and remixes artfully mixed with classic disco favorites and even some interesting, yet fresh and funky choices like Tyga’s “Rack City” and a mix of the delightfully weird “Sandwiches” by Detroit Grand Pubahs.

Opening both nights with his remixes of “Mr Overtime” by Punks Jump Up feat Dave 1 and “Sun” by Two Door Cinema Club, Gigamesh got the dance floor literally bouncing. Seriously, people were jumping about so much at The DL I was worried for my safety standing next to the swaying stack of speakers. Gigamesh even had to bust out some good ol’ fashioned duct tape to make sure his laptop didn’t fall off the stand!

Rocking a full 90 minutes both nights, Giga continued with several originals like “Dream On,” “Your Body,”  and “When You’re Dancing,” intermixed with some classics like “Chic” by Le Freak and a tight “Disco Inferno” remix. However, one of my favorite tracks of the weekend had to be the Extended Club Mix of “Will Be” by Mexican disco and house don Bufi.

I was happily surprised however when I discovered Gigamesh had a new set up. Adding some groovy visuals to the mix, clips full of animated geometric patterns and colorful designs were displayed alongside gif-like snippets of him and a gorgeous blond featured in a few of his music videos – all synching with the music perfectly and bringing another dimension to the expereince. I’d have to say that my craving was absolutely satisfied…for now at least!