GDD™ presents THE DIRT #100 (22 Tracks for Download)

It’s been a journey. Since its inception in the summer of 2010, our longest lasting weekly feature, The Dirt, has brought a staggering amount of free music to the masses, and we’re proud to still be here 100 editions and 100 Dirt Babes in the books. It’s a tough feat to get these tracks together each week (probably why we have some gaps in the mix here and there, apologies), but it’s been an amazing experience sharing music with all of you, which, of course, is the main reason why we’re here.

We wanted to put together something special for the centennial episode, so 11 of our writers have included 2 songs each — one from one of the 99 past Dirts that we’ve posted and any other song that we felt was exceptional enough to make the cut of such an outstanding post. We hope you enjoy these as much as we enjoyed putting them together. Here’s to another 100.

Download The Dirt #100 Part 1 Zip (11 tracks)
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A deep disco tune from Dirt #76. Wolf Music rep, Medlar, jams this one out ever so nicely.

A favorite track of mine from right around this time in 2011 that needed to be brought back into the light. Techy delight from Get Physical legends MANDY & Booka Shade.


Jessie Ware was THE artist to remix in 2012. Joe Goddard, Perseus, Disclosure & Cyril Hahn all stepped up to the plate to remix her this year and each one knocked it out of the park. This time around it’s Urulu‘s turn to step up to the plate and he does not disappoint.

This track was my introduction to Chris Malinchak back in 2011. Three EPs and six singles later, the prolific Mr. Malinchak has proven to be one of house music’s MVPs.


Here’s one of my favorites from the last year that survived my repeat onslaught of plays. Every aspect of his productions, particularly the leads, are so spot on and catchy, you can’t help but wonder how RL does it.

My favorite laidback soar with Kendrick Lamar fixed up with a little more energy, simple yet effective.

Burn Unit

A new free tune from Pirupa, who also had one of the biggest hits of the year in ‘Party Non Stop’ but this time the track relies on a chopped up sample from Grandmaster Flash’s ‘White Lines (Don’t Do It)’. Some pumping tech house to take you into the New Year.

If you were alive and semi-conscious during the summer of 2011 you likely heard this at least fourteen times. We wrote about divas in honor of Donna Summer for the Dirt #74, and Adele’s voice alone solidifies her status, but the way the big girl carries herself is what being a Diva is all about.

Troy Kurtz

Both of my selections are humble ode’s to two of music’s most influential vocalists, who both passed away last year. Regardless of what genre of music you like listen to in your car or on your laptop, you can’t deny how influential these two masterminds were. In the wake of their passing, there were many mixes that simply didn’t make the cut, but Canadian duo Prince Club absolutely smashed the Houston ‘Homage Mix’, which I still play at the peak of my sets. Likewise, Mighty Mouse put his midas touch on Mr. Heron, and served up a perfect late night tune to put a smile on the entire club’s face.


This bootleg is one of those that I always find myself going back to. I am not the biggest big room house fan, but this one from GTA has the right combination of the original track & their own touch that really does it for me.

Munchi was the first to really test the boundaries of moombahton & blend it with heavier bass music. This track was a real benchmark for branching genres of Moombahton.

Three Wise

My first pick is this sexy and laidback original from Amtrac that I featured in my first ever Dirt back in November. Gonna be honest – I listened to this one several times on my drive home for the holidays, it’s just the perfect mix of smooth vocals, demure synths and progressive feel.

This original is the first by Washington DC based producer, Elias Altair. While it’s definitely one for those more electro inclined individuals, I love it for its unexpected bass drop at 2.22!


Gorgon City (Foamo+Rack N Ruin) only gave us a taste of what their new project is going to bring in 2013. All of their productions seamlessly blend each producer’s strength to create powerful dance floor movers. This track from The Dirt #80 is no exception.

Hannah Wants is a female producer from the UK who I discovered just a few weeks ago. This remix with Chris Lawrence is a jump up bassline house tune that will leave you wanting more from this talented young lady.


I had never heard of Danny Daze until Burn Unit filled me in with this suggestion to Sneevs for one of his selections in the very first Dirt that I was a part of. Not only is it sentimental, but it’s dark and deep for you nocturnal folks. Get to it.

An up and comer in the California bass music scene, GRiDWORK, blew me away with this track that blends emotive hooks and fresh raps with a varied style of carefully crafted glitch-hop and dubstep. With his debut EP coming in February, I’d definitely keep tabs on this highly skilled producer. Shout out to Traveler for the recommendation!


In a year filled with too much great music (and at the cost of nothing but artist support), it was a challenge to say the least just to pick (2) tracks I can represent as my nominees for the 100th dirt. Alas, I have to pay homage to the harder and the deeper (giggity) styles which embody my favored genres and DJ playlists. The Belgians Mumbai Science offer up a techno monster edit of Bucci Bag that crushed all festival season long, while the UK’s Zombie Disco Squad gives away the golden original “Do It Like This” that I still play in my sets today. Enjoy to the fullest.


Symbols artist, Andrea, kindly provided us an exclusive for the Dirt 100, in the format of a remix of the hottest girl in the game, Aaliyah. Though Andrea reigns from Paris, he keeps things VERY UK with the remix, lots of white noise, calculated hi-hats, and a slowed and pulsating vibe throughout. Charming and emotional, great stuff.

One of my favorite English chaps Jesse Rose lends his house talents to one of GDD’s favorite tracks of the year, tinging it with even more lightness, little harp melodies and such. Keeping in his infectiously danceable allure, it’s a solid little number to clap your hands and hum along to. Jesse Rose is queued to have a huge year with a boatload of releases so keep ya ears open.

Download The Dirt #100 Part 1 Zip (11 tracks)
Download The Dirt #100 Part 2 Zip (11 tracks)

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