[GDD ADVENT] Day 13: Exclusive 4 Track Package from Sean Roman

When the idea of the GDD Advent Calendar first began circling a few weeks ago, Canadian artist Sean Roman was one of the first producers who I was itching to find out what goodies he had hiding. Just as I presumed, he immediately shot over four massive tracks, and after a quick listen, the DJ side of me wanted to hoard them all as secret weapons. I’m still on the fence about giving away Stutter.

Since I first featured his tracks ‘Phonecall’ and ‘Lick’ back in 2010, the rising producer has had top releases on Neim, Outcross, and most notably Hot Creations sub label Hot Waves. And as if giving away this four track package wasn’t enough, he has forthcoming releases that will be coming out on Runnin Wild, On The Prowl, and Cream Couture imprints. Also, if you consider yourself one of those music lovers who has a strong penchant for life-changing experiences and will be voyaging down to the mecca of deep aka BPM Festival , you can catch Sean playing at the Mexa vs Outcross showcase.

We hope you enjoy this 13th day of #GDDadvent and the four phenomenal songs included.

Thanks again, Sean.