[REVIEW] Bondax, Sweater Beats and Tony Quattro at Glasslands in Brooklyn

Down in Brooklyn, close to the water and slightly off the beaten path, lies the Glasslands Gallery. Glasslands is a favorite for people like myself who want to experience the music up close and personal, don’t mind dancing in a packed room full of young hipster types, like to make out in the photobooth and love to randomly rub shoulders with the artists before their sets. Well last week they put on another one of their occasional electronic music parties, bringing in a unique line up consisting of Bondax, Sweater Beats and Tony Quattro that I just had to expereince…catch my review after the jump:

Tony Quattro started the night off with a funky house set featuring several classic throwbacks plus a few recent jams that really got the dancefloor groovin’.  With tracks like “Brighter Days (Undergound Goodie Mix)” by Cajmere, “Bang’t” by Geeeman, and “Lost Arrival” by Oliver $, Tony definitely brought back some classic house vibes. But he spiced things up toward the end of his set with “Oops (Oh My) by Tweet feat. Missy Elliot, his remix of Christina Aguilera and one of his newest originals that will be out early next year on Brooklyn Bass collective Trouble & Bass.

Next up was Sweater Beats, playing a live set with clips triggered by his MPD. After donning the mic with a timid, ‘Yo, can I get some laser action?” (The lasers were fucking essential, truth be told), this Brooklyn native jumped right into a set straight up designed to make yo booty BOUNCE. I don’t know what I enjoyed more, this kids undeniable swag or his affinity for Trap, Hip Hop and high school era RnB. Peppered throughout his set were clips of “Say my Name” by Destiny’s Child, “Swing My Way” by K.P. & Envyi, “Toxic” by Britney Spears and the like with tracks like “Whole Lotta” By S-Type. Often there would be 2-3 different tracks layered on top of one another creating a seemingly spur of the moment mix of sexy beats and sweet, sweet melody. My favorite moment of this set, hands down, was when he dropped “Pony” by Ginuwine. That song brings back some gooood memories…and there just wasn’t anything I could do except get down and twerk it like a pro.

I ended my night by dancing to the funky sounds of Bondax. This British duo had been on my musical bucket list for a while and they fulfilled my expectations 100%.  Spinning a whole list my favs including “Want You In My Soul” by Lovebirds feat. Stee Downes, “Since I Don’t Have You” by Jonas Rathsman, “You Wont Find Love Again” by Breach  and “What I Might Do” by Ben Pearce they kept the party poppin’ for the rest of the night.

To be fair, Star Slinger did head the bill at this particular party, but after Bondax, Sweater Beats and Tony Quattro killed it with their own unique styles I decided that my night couldn’t get any better and booked it to the subway – right in time to catch the 1:30 train back to Manhattan and my bed. Early mornings can really put a damper on weeknight parties, but even hungover and groggy the entire next day there were no regrets in sight after this great night.

All photos courtesy of Shoot People.