[PIAS] Recordings Celebrates 30 Years of Music, Gives GDD™ Exclusive Vitalic Mix

HAPPY 30th!

[PIAS] Recordings had humble beginnings. Founders Kenny Gates and Michael Lambot established [PIAS] as a distribution company in Brussels in 1982 before expanding that business into a record label of the same name. Years went by, and more and more music was released and distributed by the company, including an impressive and eclectic roster of talent — Soulwax, Grace Jones, Mr. Oizo, Dinosaur Jr., Royksopp, and many, many more.

To celebrate this milestone, [PIAS] will be giving away heaps of exclusive, unreleased, unheard content from their roster over the past 3 decades, and today, we’re happy to be a part of the celebration as we give away a new, exclusive remix from Frenchman, Vitalic.

Vitalic celebrates with a mix!

Vitalic – Rave Kids Go (feat Mickael Karkousse)
Zombie Nation – Chickflick
Stefan Bodzin – Touching
Digitalism – Falling
Smith ‘N’ Hack – For Disco Play Only
Dbx – Losing Control
Pachanga Boys – Black Naga
Lifelike – Motion
Teenage Bad Girl – X Girl (Bart B More Techno Dub remix)
Vitalic – No More Sleep
Dj Hell – Follow You
Sasha – Mongoose
Dr Gonzo – Bust’em up & Springer
Vitalic – Stamina
Bodzin – What Would You Be
Vitalic – Under Your Sun (feat Owlle)
Burufunk & Carbon Community – Community Funk (Deadmau5 Remix)
Vitalic – Lucky Star
Tai – At the Disco (Ado Remix)
Vitalic – Next I’m Ready (feat Joe Reeves)