GDD™ Interview + Exclusive Track Preview w/ Rising Progressive House Artist Paris Blohm

Paris Blohm

Born and raised in LA I’m sure it makes Paris Blohm proud to see his hometown become the epicenter of the burgeoning United States dance music scene. Having been producing for seven years now, he seems to have finally hit his stride professionally and musically, after taking the plunge and committing fully to his career as an artist. The former delivery driver sits down to answer some questions with yours truly about his recent name change, stepping out of the bedroom into a big-time studio, and recurring nightmares about his stint as a delivery driver.

GDD: First thing’s first, as it’s a bit of a GDD™ tradition, what’s your drink of choice?

Paris: A good ice cold sapporo with hot sake. But that’s just picky, whiskey ginger does me well.

GDD: You’ve made a bit of a change recently. Why’d you decide to move on from your old Parisyte project and start anew as Paris Blohm?

Paris: Well, I’ve been producing since 2005 (15 years old), and primarily used the name Parisyte. It was a great name for my older sound which was primarily electro, darker-esque-whatever I felt like making; really no focus whatsoever. If you’ve ever heard of the idea of “10,000 hours to master a skill”, i’m a bit past that now and everything seems to be coming together. I really wanted to step away from a dark sounding name and use my birthname now to create the next chapter in my musical career, and focus very closely and strategically on this project.

GDD: You provided us with a preview of one of the new songs with some absolutely killer vocals on it. How was it working with another writer and singer for the first time?

Paris: Surreal. Inspiring, everything about the project makes me feel that much more confident about my name change. Just having the opportunity to work with someone else on a project where they do what they do best, and I do what I do best, is a blessing. I’ve never been keen to collaborating with other artists (producers), mainly because I’m domineering in the sound I have in my head, but I am no vocalist, nor vocal writer, so working with Ilsey was amazing. She brought to the table incredible lyrics and a hypnotizing melody I would have never thought of myself.

GDD: You saw a fair amount of success with your first EP release as Parisyte, hitting #2 on the Beatport Electro House chart and then followed that up by getting a track out on the Spinnin’ sub-label Oxygen. Any worries about starting from scratch under the new moniker? And why go with your real name instead of something else?

Paris: Actually, no worries at all. I have such an arsenal of tracks now (7 to be exact at this moment) that completely blow away anything Parisyte would have released that I am 100% confident this is the right choice.
I was turned away from using my name for a minute, but realized that the music I am making now is emotional and raw yet commercial and catchy, and it’s everything that I want my name to be remembered as. I have a unique name, and i’ve heard from many different people growing up that my name is a successful name. We’ll see where it takes me.

GDD: Is it true you quit your job to pursue music full-time? How hard of a decision was that and how has everything been going?

Paris: I did, I quit my part-time job as a delivery driver for a restaurant to pursue my goals full-time. This decision came out of the blue almost, as a good friend of mine now, Daniel from LA Riots, called me an idiot for even having a part-time job. Because of Daniel I have made connections and gained ground faster than I could have ever thought possible. And I owe a big thanks to him. The decision gave me anxiety at first but easily became one of the most liberating feelings. Although I have no money coming in as of now, I am not worried the least bit!

GDD: Do you have nightmares about waiting tables or sitting in a cubicle ever again? What’s the worst job you can imagine?

Paris: Ahahaha, this made me laugh. Yes, I have a dream once or twice a week about being back at my part-time job, sitting there, doing absolutely nothing. It’s quite terrible actually, as the dream seems to last about 8 hours in real time. I’m sure it will fade away soon, but it helps me remember my roots and be grateful for every 16 hour day I can dedicate to my passion.

As far as worst job ever? I’d have to say… unemployed with no motivation to do anything. Really, that has got to take a toll.

GDD: Where do you see yourself in the musical landscape? If you had to be on tour with three other artists, who would they be?

Paris: EASY! Dirty South, Thomas Gold, and Tommy Trash. Now I wouldn’t say I’m completely like them but they seem to be some of the most musical EDM acts of today, and I place pride in the fact that I keep my electronic music, musical.

GDD: There’s a lot of other talented producers in the Los Angeles area, are you planning collabs with other producers or are you more comfortable working by yourself?

Paris: Very comfortable working with myself, and I have no problem with it staying that way I am very willing to work with top producers, to learn something new. I also like the idea of working with vocalists, and would like to share with you all that ‘Fire In The Sun’ is not the only vocal track I have in store. There will be 4 tracks out of the 7 with big vocals.

GDD: It’s 11:59pm on December 20th, and scientists have confirmed the world is indeed going to end at midnight. What song is playing during that last minute on earth?

Paris: I hate you for asking this question, as its obviously very tough to answer. I’ll steer away from EDM and say that House of Cards by Radiohead may be playing.

GDD: Assume the world doesn’t end, but does slip into some sort of I Am Legend post-apocalyptic state. Would you want to be one of the few human survivors, dead, or part of a zombie horde?

Paris: A survivor, I will always push to survive! To relate that to my career, I want my career to sustain and be long-lived, and I will work my hardest to ensure it does.

paris blohm studio

GDD: Pending the world doesn’t end, any other projects or tracks on the horizon you can tell us about? What’s 2013 got in store for Paris Blohm?

Paris: Let’s put it this way, last week I made 3 tracks in 5 days. I spent 65 hours in 5 days, and came up with some of my best material to date. I’m a tough one to please too, as I come up with tens of ideas for every one I eventually keep. That was a sensational week, and I plan on having many more. 2013 is going to be insane.

GDD: Thanks for taking the time Paris, one last thing before we sign off though: Do you like to dance dirty?

Paris: There’s no other way, right? Thank you, GDD.

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