Australians Are Invading LA…

Have you noticed … the Australians? They’re everywhere in LA now – playing our music, drinking our beer, and loving our sunshine and palm trees. Or so recent import Bass Kleph says. One of the most established Aussie DJs on the US scene, he recently moved to LA in early 2012. Like his fellow Aussies Hook N Sling and his old flatmate Tommy Trash, Bass Kleph has taken the Aussie irreverence and humility and turned it into something the American scene has always had loved – pure, heads down fun, serious technical skill, and music that doesn’t always take itself too seriously.

But that’s not the whole story with the Kleph, as GDD has discovered. In fact, his most recent track is a rare emo moment: a number he wrote to mark the end of a long relationship. Called Make Me Forget, it’s a very personal statement: the first time he’s sung on his own tracks, and a unusually melancholy lyric for a man who’s usually a very sunny guy.

“Make Me Forget was about missing my ex,” he says.

“Wishing none of our troubles ever happened, and wanting to go back to those amazing times we shared together. I wrote it after the most difficult breakup of my life. It’s funny how everyone on the dancefloor really responds to that track, of everything I’ll play. Someone always come up afterwards and says ‘what was that track? You know, make me forget … um, la la … er, my heart? Or whatever it was?’ Girls really seem to get it. Everyone has a breakup story, you know?”

But alongside the singalong hook, there’s some epic production. Bass Kleph is also known for his technical chops and combination live / DJ sets, which cross freely from jams on a sampler to pure DJing and back again.

“I’m not a DJ that just presses play,” he says. “I was a drummer in a touring rock band at 15, and I like to keep it loose. When my show is live, it’s properly live – no cheating. I think that’s what the next phase will be for dance music – there’s already a ton of live electronic bands in Australia. And there’s so many musicians into EDM now who can play a couple of instruments – like Tommy and I, and who like to write pop songs as well massive bangers. I love what dance music is turning into now – what other kind of musician has so much fun?”

MAKE ME FORGET is now on Beatport.

And always a considerate guy, BK has also made the samples available for budding producers, as well as videos showing how the sample kit works and how he created his live set.