[REVIEW] Eric Prydz and Tyler Sherritt at Roseland 11/24

Last Saturday in New York was insane with Eric Prydz and Tyler Sherritt selling out the Roseland Ballroom for a second night! For those who missed it, check out the review below:

Tyler Sherritt, perhaps one the most promising new names in NYC, started the night off well with a funky mix of electro house, progressive and even a bit of trance. Featuring tracks like “Sunshine (Umek Remix)” by Tomaz & Filterheadz , “NYC” by Chris Lake & Nightriders, “Ode to Oi” by TJR and his own collaboration with Jake Shanahan “Wonders,” the up-and-comer got the already sizeable crowd riled up and ready for what was to come.

But of course, everyone was waiting for Eric Prydz and he did not disappoint! On a stage tricked out with several LED screens, CO2 cannons, and LOTS of lasers, Eric wowed concert goers for 3 straight hours. For me, the apex of the night had to have been when Eric’s remix of “Personal Jesus” by Depeche Mode, accompanied by stunning mutli-color, chapel-like visuals, brought the crowd together in what could easily be described as a religious experience. Other choice tracks from his set include “Every Day,” “Proper Education” (Pyrdz vs Pink Floyd), “2night” and his remix of Calvin Harris’ “Flashback.” I heard Prydz is making the move to LA soon…so get ready to see a lot more of him!

Photos of Tyler courtesy of Angela Samartano, Photos of Prydz courtesy of Nitzan Bradin for The Beatmill