GDD™ Chats About Everything with Eats Everything

“Make sure you make me look like a complete wanker.” were Eats Everything’s (aka Daniel Pearce) parting words to me. Mind you, this is at a cracking warehouse party around 5AM, where he’s still bouncing around and having a (ahem) JOLLY GOOD TIME. That’s just the type of person the house producer from Bristol is. Brimming with cheeky English humor and infectious personality, it took all of half a second upon meeting him to realize this was going to be the easiest interview ever.

You can read the interview after the jump, and be sure to check out his new EP on dirtybird, and tune into his radio show on IHeartRadio every Thursday at 9PM EST.

Dan has had quite the year, with respected releases on Pets and dirtybird, a massive Euro touring schedule, and a very lovely wedding in the books. After hurting his back just prior to his original California dates, he’s now back in the states supporting Pete Tong on tour. We got to chatting and laughing before his 2AM set time over at Exchange LA, and without delaying much further let me just say Eats Everything is a very rad dude.

Gotta Dance Dirty (Laura): First question is a GDD tradition: What’s your favorite drink?
Eats Everything: Alcoholic or non-alcoholic? Can I say both? Alcoholic is a mojito. If it’s done right, you can’t beat a mojito. That’s what I’ll drink tonight, if I can get my hands on it.
GDD: I’ll remind you in case you forget.
EE: Yeah, if you see me drinking anything else, quick slap to the face. And definitely shout “MOJITO!” at me while you do it. No warning, just one motion slap and shout. Non-alcoholic would be a Strawberry Ribena.
GDD: What on Earth is a Ribena?
EE: It’s like a juice brand. You know how you get blackcurrant juice? Like that, but strawberry. It’s a traditional British thing. WAIT, I take that back; Peach Iced Tea is my favorite.
GDD: YES! So how’s tour been so far, and what are you excited to do while you’re in America?
EE: Tour’s been great, yeah. I’ve done San Francisco, Denver at Beta which is a wicked club, and St. Louis. St. Louis was quite fun actually, small upstairs bar, 250 people going mental. Things to do… I don’t have much time as I’m traveling every day, but I do have a few days off in New York. That’ll be nice, to see the city during Christmas time.
GDD: Oh, PERFECT. That’ll be so fun. You’ll love it. Stop at Katz’s deli while you’re there, I’m craving a pastrami…
EE: Katz? I’ve got a tooth just taken out, hopefully it’ll let me eat…
GDD: Yeah! It’s a really famous Jewish Deli. If you can’t manage a sandwich get the matzo soup! Anyway, you always talk about evolving and never doing the same thing twice with your music. Do you ever find yourself in a rut, and how do you get out of it?
EE: I’ve only sort of been stuck once, and it just went away, haha. I know that’s a crap answer, but I’ve been lucky I guess. If something’s not going well, if I’m not feeling it, it’s just trash and I start again. But yeah, I’ve had a writer’s block once, and it was tough. I had it for like three weeks, and it just went after that. I don’t want to jinx it, but things have been good so far.
GDD: Well it sounds like things are going well for you, music wise…. and personality wise, haha!
EE: Yeah, music wise I’m great, personality wise… WANKER!
GDD: Oh man, hahaha! Tell us a bit about your new radio show, and what you’re excited to do with it.
EE: I just did my first one on Thursday, and it seemed well received so I’m pretty pleased about that. I’d like to keep it as live as possible, so it’s as fresh as it can be. At the moment I’ve got two features on the show, it’s all sort of food and menu related, so there’s like a “Daily Special” which is the track of the week and whatnot. There’s loads of my humor in it, and the music’s great, so it all works. The end of each show has a 20 minute mix from me recorded from whatever club I’m playing. I’ve brought my recording equipment on tour, I play really different every night so you don’t have to listen to the same songs every week, ha! I’m looking forward to guests and exclusives, we’ll see how it goes!
[PS- Eats Everything Radio is every Thursday at 6PM PST: Tune in HERE]
GDD: Speaking of playing differently… do you have a weapon track? Like an older one that really sets it off when you play?
EE: Not to be egotistical, but the track that works best for me is my remix of Adam F. If people are there to see me, as soon as they hear that “Check, check, check” vocal, even if I mix it in for two seconds, people are like, “WAAAAAAHH! YEAH!”
GDD: That’ll probably be me.
EE: Hahaha! Excellent. Pretty much, since I’ve made it, that’s the one. I’m not bored of it. I’m a bit bored of Entrance Song, recently I’ve been playing edits of it or just the vocals. But it’s the song that got me to where I am so I have to honor it.

GDD: What are your essentials in the studio and on the road?
EE: In the studio, definitely a good chair and good monitors. I did my back in just before the last American tour so I had to cancel some shows. So now I have a nice fancy chair. On the road, a car obviously. Haha. Abroad, wet wipes. Definitely.
GDD: Oh yeah, essential. So underrated too I feel. Like once you have them you realize how many things you can use them for.
EE: Exactly, yeah. My wife turned me on to them about a year ago. They’re so nice, cuz you can’t always wash or whatever. Now I’ve got like five packs with me. And they’re flushable, good for the environment.
GDD: Eats Everything, saving the Earth too! OK- I’m going to go ahead and go there and talk about the SYNC button on the new CDJ-2000nexus that you did a performance video with. What do you have to say to everyone who’s claiming it’s too easy to DJ now, that anyone could do it?

EE: They’re stupid. No offense, but just because you can press a button doesn’t mean you can select tracks. And whatever program you’re using that button on, you have to lay out your tracks properly, you can’t just put a CD in and press SYNC and it all works. You’ve got to go through a rigamarole for it to actually work properly. And even if they still say that’s too easy, you’ve still got to learn how to work a crowd and when to drop certain tunes.
GDD: Right. That’s not easy.
EE: I do think you should learn to mix on vinyl. That’s how I learned, and all the best DJs in the world have played vinyl as well. I played on vinyl from 1992 to about 2001, then went to CDs when toting and buying records became too expensive. Try and learn on vinyl though, I mean for the very least you don’t have to deal with people saying “Oh, he’s not a real DJ.” Listen, at the end of the day, if you’re playing good music, it doesn’t matter what medium you use. If you’re using Traktor, do wait until the other DJ is finished playing, but other than that I don’t care.
GDD: What’s your favorite hour of the day to play?
EE: It depends. Around when I’m playing tonight, like the 1-3 window I like. Sometimes after hours is great. Like 7AM to 2PM. I played at Sands in Ibiza over the summer, that was amazing. After the dirtybird party at Space, everyone left but [Claude Vonstroke] and I stayed an extra couple of days, and we went to Sands, which is Carl Cox’s bar. I DJ’ed from 2PM to 2AM, and [Vonstroke] and I went back to back the last three hours. When I got there and just played chilled out house music, then as the night went just old and new house, then word got out that Eats Everything and Claude Vonstroke were playing back to back, and it got busier and busier, and there was less than 100 people but it was packed and people were going absolutely mental. So the owners of the bar came up to me and said, “Right, whenever you want to come play, doesn’t matter when, the decks are open.” So the weekend before I got married, I called them up and went down to play again. It was great, Seth Troxler and a lot of friends came through. It was wicked.

[PS- How f*cking tight is Claude Vonstroke just partying & smiling in the crowd?! Love that guy.]
GDD: Sounds so dope. When I’m in Ibiza I’ll make a point to make sure you’re in town so we can go party for twelve hours. So now that 2012 is coming to a close, who are your favorite artists, records, whatever of the year?
EE: Artists? Definitely Disclosure. They’ve done something that’s not necessarily groundbreaking, but they’ve made it mainstream accessible which is awesome. They get a bit of grief, but it’s complete bollocks. They’re talented, they’re really good at what they do.
GDD: They’re so young too! It’s crazy. They were so sweet and humble when I met them. And everything they’ve made, they’ve released. That’s talent.
EE: They’re brilliant, we get along well, they’re good friends [of mine]. Wicked pair of youngsters. It could easily have gone to their head, but it hasn’t. There’s a few people who are their age or a bit older who’ve gone from being lucky, super nice lads to complete wankers. I don’t think that will happen to them, they’re good lads and their management is great as well. What else… Frank Ocean’s album was great. Oh, and John Roman. He’s been making some wicked, real bangers. He makes good music. It’s heavy, like maybe too heavy for someone like me to play, but I play his stuff. He’s a cool dude. Catz N Dogz, amazing. Justin Martin, best friend, hero.
GDD: I always say he’s seriously the nicest dude in the business.
EE: We’ve totally been told we’re like the British and American versions of each other. And when we play back to back people think we’re brothers cuz we even dance the same. It’s weird, we’ve formed this amazing friendship, we’ve made music together, we’re just both a pair of f*cking idiots who like to party and make fools of ourselves. We’re both not really concerned whether we look cool. I do try and make my hair look nice though!

GDD: Well I totally see the resemblance. Thank goodness there’s more than one of you both, so to speak! What’s one thing from the UK you wish you could have everywhere, and one thing you wish you could bring back from the states?
EE: One thing from England, hmm… it would be my mum’s beef stroganoff. One thing from the states would be Five Guys. In N Out is good, don’t get me wrong, but Five Guys won it in my mind. If there was a Five Guys in Bristol, I’d live there.
GDD: Last but not least, what’s next for Eats Everything?
EE: Well there’s the rest of the tour, a collaboration EP with Justin Martin coming out on Hypercolour in February, a remix of “Ruff Stuff” on the second Ghettos & Gardens Remix package, and then I’m trying to do an album next year. Emphasis on trying, if it happens it happens. Writing for some bigger artists, but still underground stuff. Like it still sounds like my stuff, it’s still stuff I like just for big singers and stuff. It’s cool, I’ve been quite surprised that these bigger artists are so into the underground stuff but I guess it’s good for me!
GDD: Totally. Well I can’t wait to listen! Thank you so much, that was really fun.