This Week on Free Willy Wednesdays: Redlight gets the trap treatment

Wily Joy is Back

Free Willy Wednesdays is back to a weekly format here on Gotta Dance Dirty! Every first wednesday of the month will bring a new free tune from Willy Joy himself, and for the rest of the month he will curate a selection of excellent tunes to share with you guys.

Willy’s Recommendation of the Week

This week Willy’s directing your attention towards an excellent futuristic trap remix of Redlight’s “Lost In Your Love” by Benzi & Aylen.

Willy says:

”Benzi and Aylen have collaborated on several tunes in the past, but this is by far the best thing they’ve ever done for my money. I’m a huge fan of Redlight, and this remix flips the tune into a new dimension while still keeping the sultry vibes of the original.Something about that dripping lead synth really grabs me, and the keys & vocals from the original are basically instant classic status. Amazing work all around!”

Want More?

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