The Dirt #96: Tre & Three Wise

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! As you sit back and relax with good food, family and friends check out this newest installment of The Dirt by Tre and yours truly. This week we have a groovy mix that features a lil bit of everything. From House, to dub, Acid House and some dark electro, this line up is perfect for an afternoon of recovery and rallying before all the Turkey parties start!

Three Wise’s Picks:

• We Sink – Blackspot (Druid Cloak Remix)

Starting off with some sublime summer vibes, this sexy remix from Druid Cloak is perfect for the nostalgia I’m feeling as fall turns into winter.

• Zedd – Spectrum (Elias Altair Remix)

I know, I know…it’s a Spectrum Remix, fuck me right? Well give it a chance. The original was never my favorite, but Elias Altair’s remix recently caught my eye with its subtlety and optimism. By exchanging the heavy serrated bass of the original with an uplifting synth lead and groovy guitar riff, his take is perfect for chill day drinking OR a late night rage fest.

• TWR72 – Summer (Acid Version)

Acid House…aw yeahhhh! For real though, you throw some 303 synths on a track and I will almost always love it. Starting with the  groovy feel of house music and growing into a subtle acid house jam,  this one from TWR72 may be a bit old – but it is a must have for your library!

• Chase & Status Feat. Liam Bailey – Big Man

I couldn’t leave this list without a little bass music! This one from Chase & Status was recently released on their website for free download and it’s mad epic.

• Amtrac – How Can She

Finishing out my picks with this sexy and laidback original from Amtrac. Gonna be honest – I listened to this one several times on my drive home for the holidays, it’s just the perfect mix of smooth vocals, demure synths and progressive feel.

Download em all here!

Tre’s Picks:

• Mosh – Mcqueen

Remember when Justice and SebastiAn reigned supreme?  Remember “the good old days” of 2007?  Remember those strong metallic baselines? Those hip-hop inspired house beats?  Those dark, yet slower electro grooves?  Well, Mosh is bringing those days back with his new debut album Monarchy.  Check out Mcqueen, the first track off his new album and look for an GDD exclusive with Mosh in the coming days!

• Djemba Djemba- Oh Okay Yeah That’s Cool (Yung Satan Remix)

Here we have an exclusive remix of Djemba Djemba‘s Oh Okay Yea That’s Cool by Yung Satan and it’s fire!

• Mosh – Collapse

Another strong track off Monarchy; this one holds back a little more on the dark and focuses more on a flavorful groove.

• Godron Kaye & Ken Reay – This Sound (Dark & Stormy Remix)

Another massive release from Dark & Stormy!  The remix is catchy, powerful and best of all, groovy as sin.  Make sure to pick it up!

• MadX – This Is The One

MadX‘s This is The One delivers on all fronts.  The track is a groovy banger that blends genre lines and spews catchy vibes.  Make sure to grab this massive release!

Tre’s Zip