Marcus Marr – The Music/Pleasure Moon [DJ Version]

It takes a certain someone to pull off a nine minute jam in electronic music.  Certain names come to mind when pulling off such a feat: Erol Alkan, Tommie Sunshine, LCD Soundsystem, Tiga.  And the label that sticks out when it comes to the nine minute plus opus is DFA.  Nine minutes plus is an unappreciated song duration and very few can do it well.

DFA’s Marcus Marr is no stranger to the nine minute jam and his latest track, “The Music” clocks in right under the nine minute mark at 8:57.  “The Music” is pure funk all the way through.  Just check Mr. Marr’s Twitter account and you’ll see artists like RAC & Alex Metric gushing about just how brilliant “The Music” is.  And not to be outdone, the accompanying track on the single is “Pleasure Moon” (DJ Version), an equally fantastic track full of deep boogie + spaced out grooves.  Do yourself a favor and grab “The Music/Pleasure Moon (DJ Version)”, out NOW via the always classy DFA.

My all-time favorite nine minute plus Space Disco jam is Marcus Marr’s remix of “Take Em Up” by Shit Robot.  Beautiful, haunting vocals and futuristic space disco…this remix is nine minutes of perfection.