[INTERVIEW] GDD™ Chats with Druid Cloak

 Who is Druid Cloak?

We have another case of a rising anonymous producer that is very much as talented as he is mysterious. Druid Cloak embodies a refined unconventional style that incorporates his own brand of smooth bass, detailed percussion, atmospheric sounds, tasteful sampling, and strong, though sometimes subtle, melodies. All of these elements come together to form his distinctive vibe that aligns perfectly with Kastle‘s Symbols Recordings, the imprint that released Druid‘s debut EP, The Grove. I recommend you keep an eye on Druid Cloak as he is currently one of my favorite producers around, and he continues to maintain this standing with every release.

The Conversation

Read on about Druid’s musical background, influences, bucket list to-do’s, what’s next in his career, and of course, what he likes to drink!


GDD™: Tell me a bit about your musical background and how you came to be an electronic music producer.

DRUID CLOAK: I approached music on my own as a child. My father was really into hair metal in the 80s and Grunge in the 90s, so I naturally rebelled and immediately took a liking to hip hop. My first compact disc purchase was actually Dr. Dre’s The Chronic and Bone Thugs n Harmony’s – Creepin on ah Come up. Throughout my life I always (and still do) shift my preferences. I got into metal and hardcore in highschool but then started dipping in to electronic music with A Guy Called Gerald, Dieselboy, Daft Punk, Basement Jaxx, Roni Size, and others. I eventually picked up Fruity Loops in College and made some pretty terrible Drum n Bass and Joined some Metal bands and did a few shows and really started to take production seriously in 2010. I have been countless aliases before now. Most I am truly embarrassed about, but without them I wouldn’t have learned what to do and what not to do.

GDD™: From listening to your forthcoming Symbols EP, The Grove, I thought that you must have an eclectic taste in music since there was a considerable amount of variety from track to track. What artists do you draw influences from?

DRUID CLOAK: Like I memtioned above, I am constantly digging for that new high when it comes to music. What I make now is actually more of a nostalgic take on my influences. It is closer to some of the tracks I was making in college, that more of a hip hop / R & B vibe. Artists I draw inspiration from are older material from Slum Village, Quasimodo/Madlib, MF Doom, Thelonious Monk, Jo Stafford and then more current inspiration comes from Holy Other, Kastle, Bambounou, Slugabed, Baauer, Myrryrs, Groundislava, Lando Kal, too many to name, honestly. Everything I play has a huge influence on my production.

GDD™: I noticed you wrote “I make what the earth tells me…” in your description on Facebook. How has spirituality/nature played a role in your music?

DRUID CLOAK: This is more of the identity I want to create with Druid Cloak. Something mystical, spiritual, emotional and also a chance to display the type of things I love like fantasy, sci fi, magic, things otherworldly and unexplainable. I will keep the identity close to the ideas of druidry (more of the old style ancient druidry) but I will never be too serious with the identity. I want it to be fun too. That’s where “Druid Cloak Runs Tha LARP” comes in. LOL.

GDD™: How would you describe your sound?

DRUID CLOAK: Just a ball of influences. The aim to make tracks that can go well in the club and at home when you are reading or taking ashower or cooking. I want it to be fluid and accessible but also different and eerie at points. I want to pull from many familiar genres but “cloak” it in my own perspective, I guess. I might make trance in 3 years, who knows.

GDD™: We are loving the new logo and overall branding. How did that come about?

DRUID CLOAK: I was really just listening to Nah Like and loved the simplicity and crispness of all of his Soundcloud art and I asked if he was a designer. He confirmed that he was and showed me his stuff and was genuinely excited to help me out. Pierrick Baur is actually his contact name for artwork and he is incredible.

GDD™: What activities do you enjoy outside of making music?

DRUID CLOAK: I have an amazing Wife and a beautiful Daughter, as well as another child on the way. I mostly enjoy time with them when I am not making tracks or playing shows. I love reading & gaming, but I have chosen music over those activities lately.

GDD™: If you weren’t a producer, what would be your next profession of choice?

DRUID CLOAK: Professor of Young Adult Literature at a University

GDD™: What are three things on your bucket list?

DRUID CLOAK: Get a photo in the LIL DEATH photo booth, write an LP that doesn’t suck, meet Junot Diaz.

GDD™: What’s next on the horizon for Druid Cloak?

DRUID CLOAK: I have some original stuff coming on Hot – N – Heavy and Infinite Machine, and some remixes on Diamante Label (Lobot’s Head & Kuno) and Mishka (Funerals). Working on a few secret Collabs as well.

I am continuing to develop my live experience with an amazing designer from Belgium, so hopefully next year some time, I can do a live show. But truly, I am just very hungry to play some shows and do some more production work. So…everybody… I’m available 😉

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