[REVIEW] HARD NYC: Wolfgang Gartner, Proxy, L-Vis 1990 and Popeska

HARD returned to NYC (and LA) this past weekend to bring us a bangin’ showcase of Wolfgang Gartner, Proxy, L-Vis 1990 and Popeska at Terminal 5. Already a huge fan of HARD events, I jumped at the chance to see this power lineup and to finally get a glimpse of Wolf’s awesome stage production that I kept hearing about from his Love & War tour.

Popeska, a newcomer to the scene with a ballin’ EP out on Kindergarten Recordings, started the night off with a dirty mix of electro and dub. Featuring tracks like “Stache” by Zedd, “Saturn” by Kill the Noise & Brillz & Minxx, “Trichitillomania” by Feed Me, this kid demonstrated yet again that he is definitely one to watch in the coming years.

There is something about L-Vis 1990 that was just plain captivating. It could have been his 50’s greaser look complete with slicked back hair and a white tee with the sleeves rolled up, or his interesting choice of music, but his mix and his style were delectably groovy, danceable and deep, even amongst a few CDJ issues. Of the tracks I could recognize, my favorites were “Future Tool” and “Summer” by TWR72, “Bassline (Joris Voorn Remix) by Kevin Saunderson and his own track “Rubber Crash.”

Proxy was my least favorite of the night and to be honest I just wasn’t feeling his set, but Wolfgang Gartner stole back the show with his impressive setup and by going absolutely HAM from the second he stepped onstage. Dropping tracks like his own “Love and War” and the collab with Deadmau5 “Channel 42,” as well as his collab with Tiesto “We Own the Night,” alongside Daft Punk’s “The Prime Time of Your Life” and my personal favorite of his most recent releases, “Nuke.”

The defining moment of the night, however, had to be when all lights turned toward the enormous discoball that dominates the ceiling of Terminal 5…the experience was surreal and the crowd loved every minute of it.