[Interview + Review] Feenixpawl at Tenjune NYC 11/10/12

Last Saturday we stopped by the uber packed and swanky basement club, Tenjune, in New York’s famous Meatpacking District to chat with Josh and Aden of Feenixpawl. The Australian duo is probably best known for their collaboration with Ivan Gough, “In My Mind” but their other productions are just as captivating. Make sure to see our interview to find out their funny nervous habits, thoughts on the ARIA Awards and upcoming releases!

Jammed into the corner table next to the DJ booth along with some of their closest Australian friends, I watched as Feenixpawl destroyed the Tenjune crowd last Saturday night for two straight hours. Drinks were flowing, everyone was dancing and it was just one of those feel good kind of nights. And if you ever had a doubt, Australians KNOW how to party! Feenixpawl kept the night alive by playing several big-room style anthems along with a few of their own tracks like “In My Mind” with Ivan Gough, their Ellie Goulding “Lights” Bootleg and their soon to be released “Universe.” “Levels” by Avicii came up from the grave for an appearance along with “Here We Go” by Hard Rock Sofa, “Epic” by Sandro Silva & Quintino and “Feed the Dada” by Dada Life as well. If you are in Chicago, Santa Ana, Las Vegas or San Diego definitely don’t miss out on the chance to catch their show next weekend!

Feenixpawl Interview:

GDD: We at GDD Like to start off our interviews by asking: What is your favorite drink?
Josh: For me it would be Tequila shots. I like starting the night with Tequila and then I drink Vodka Soda.
Aden: We drink Vodka Soda a lot, I hate Tequila, I hate it so much…
Josh: But I make him have it, I make him!
Aden: Cafe Patron is ok, but just because it doesn’t taste like tequila. But yeah, we both drink Vodka Soda alot.
Josh: That’s the drink of choice.

GDD: So this is the 3rd stop on your American tour, how is it going?
Josh: It’s good, yeah. We’re enjoying it. We played Bliss in Jersey last night and that was heaps of fun, they’re a good crew, everyone is really nice out there.
Aden: Yeah, everyone is really nice, I think that is the main thing that we have gotten so far.
Josh: Yeah, I think everywhere we have been so far, everyone has been really friendly and they’re all up for partying.

GDD: What were you most excited about for this tour?
Aden: We’re excited for the whole tour, but I think for us to play with Kaskade at Marquee in Vegas. I mean Marquee is such an iconic place , and we have always looked up to Kaskade so we are really looking forward to that one. And we’ve got a bunch of mates coming up from Australia as well to party, so that’ll be great!

GDD: Anything crazy happen with an American crowd that you aren’t used to?
Aden: Not really, I think we’ve been doing it for a while that we’ve kind of seen a lot of it.
Josh: Haha yeah maybe at Marquee, but yeah I think that we’ve been doing it, yeah, for so long that I guess we’ve seen…I wouldn’t say we’ve seen it all…
GDD: Haha yeah, as soon as you say that something is going to go down, actually…haha you should probably say that so we have an interesting night!
Aden: Haha alright,
Josh: Alright, we have seen it all! (laughs)

GDD: You were recently nominated for an ARIA award for “In My Mind,” thats huge, congratulations! How does it feel?
Josh: Feels great!
Aden: It was a goal I think of ours to achieve one day, I didn’t think we would so, sort of, quickly, so it’s a big deal for us, we’re just happy to be there.
Josh: Its going to be a good party either way, just to be able to go to the ceremony, have a couple of drinks and enjoy it…you know we are not expecting to win…its just an honor to be nominated…haha everyone always says that, its a cliche haha!

GDD: Are you guys excited, nervous?
Josh: For the awards? We’re excited for sure!
Aden: Definitely excited, I wouldn’t say nervous…we legitimately don’t expect to win so there is nothing to be nervous about!
Josh: If we do win, if we do…we’re going to have a terrible speech, the worst speech ever!

GDD: Haha, well I was going to ask you what you thought about your competition??
Josh: The competition’s good! Knife Party is nominated as well and we love them so..
Aden: There is some really good tracks nominated, Sneaky Sound System is nominated for their whole album so yeah, Havana Brown has been killing it over here (in America) as well.
Josh: Hermitude always done good stuff..
Aden: Yeah we really can’t expect to win…

GDD: You’ve said in the past that you produce with Ableton Live, what do you guys think of Live 9 and any thoughts on switching to the Bitwig software that’s in beta right now?
Josh: Ahhh, that’’s a good question!
Aden: We saw the preview for Ableton 9…a couple weeks ago?
Josh: Yeah a couple weeks..
Aden: And it looks amazing! We moved around a bit, we used Cubase..
Josh: Logic…
Aden:Yeah and then Logic for abit, and I didn’t like them, at all..
Josh: When we produce with Ivan (Gough) he uses Logic a lot and he is really quick and it and knows all the shortcuts…But I think once you get used to using Ableton I think it’s a faster medium
Aden: I can’t see us moving anywhere else.
Josh: Yeah

GDD: What’s a funny production/dj habit that you guys do that nobody knows about?
Josh: Oh his habit is great!
Aden: Ughhhh I have the worst habit! I play with the delay when I am DJing, like, all night!
Josh: We are always on the same side of the booth, so he is on the right side and he is next to the effects on the mixer…
Aden: It’s a nervous habit that I always play with that, and then there is the “jog reel” knobs that I play with, they don’t do anything!
Josh: Sometimes we will go to a club though, and the effects might be broken, the mixer might be broken, and we know it’s broken from the start…
Aden: But I’ll still do it…
Josh: But he’ll still do it! And sometimes I’ll be mixing and he be playing with it…and I’m like, man, this doesn’t work! It’s screwing up the mix!
Aden: Haha I need to find something else to do…but yeah, it’s a nervous habit…another nervous habit is actually drinking. I don’t necessarily ever drink to get drunk while we are playing but it’s just something I do, like I’m not thinking about it…I’m thinking about what track to play and I’m just drinking and I’m mixing…and by the end of it, I can’t remember half of it. That’s a nervous habit that I really have got to stop doing…
Josh: Yeah, yeah. When one of us is mixing…the other person has not much to do, so we might as well drink.
Aden: We’re not like Hip-hop type DJ’s where we mess with the tracks too much, we like to let the music speak for itself so during mixing we aren’t doing a whole lot.

GDD: There are a lot of pros and cons that come with being an internationally known DJ what do you think is the best thing about it and what is the worst?
Aden: The best thing I think is that we love what we do in terms of music and we get to play our own music to other people, and they love it! You can see the joy in their face.
Josh: It still seems surreal to us when we come over to the states or when we play in Asia or Europe and people know the words to our tracks. I mean we are just from the corner of the world, you know, we are in a country with 20 million people, and there is more people in Jersey than their are in Australia. So for us its just unreal when we come over here.
Aden: But at the same time we are away a lot and we fly a lot, and I don’t really like flying, so we probably chose the wrong job, but…
Josh: I’m single, Aden’s got a girlfriend so every time we travel he misses his girlfriend so…

GDD: What is the next step for you guys after this tour? Do you have any new music in the works?
Josh: Yeah we’ve got our next single “Universe” that is coming out in two weeks. It just got premiered by Pete Tong on his show Friday night, so that’s really exciting!
Aden: As soon as we get back from the states we’ve got a tour, a festival tour in Australia for Stereosonic, probably the biggest dance music festival there..
Josh: So we are doing that with like Avicii, Calvin Harris…
Aden: Tiesto, Tommy Trash…
Josh: And then we are doing a mix CD with Avicii for One Love Recordings and that comes out November 22nd, just as we get back. So that’s really exciting, and then we have a couple more collabs, one with Adrian Lux, one with Ivan (Gough) and then a few more tracks just as Feenixpawl, so lots of stuff!

GDD: Thats great to hear! And thank you so much for taking the time!
Josh: Thank you!
Aden: Thanks for having us!