The Dirt #94: jonahberry & Laura.

YEEEW! Dirt time & all I gotta say is I am very DTF with all of the songs so generously being put into the mix this week. Very much a theme again here, slowed UK vibes and really strongly percussion-based tracks in my picks, and a bit of everything from Jonah; ubiquitously groovy of course. Tons of free jams for everyone to enjoy, and we’re really stoked on all of the producers below & highly recommend checking more of their stuff out! Download all 11 tracks after the jump…

Our buds, Traveler, out of Santa Barbara just released their debut album, Create/Negate, for free via their Bandcamp page last week, and I’m utterly impressed with all of their productions. Chilled out electronica vibes all the way.

Dutch trio, Kraak & Smaak, have impressed me with every remix and original I’ve heard from them. They blur the lines of Disco and House and usually use a superb bassline somewhere in the mix. “Can You Jack” shows a darker, slowed-down groove, and it’s √+ material.

I’m always a sucker for Classixx remixes…and Passion Pit. Best of both worlds with this light-hearted rework.

BODY HIGH boss, Samo Sound Boy, takes a whack at the popular single from AlunaGeorge — creating a remix with UK Bass influence and a percussive feel.

Love when friends remix friends. And that remix is some sexy Tech House. This is the case here with a fine remix of Meech‘s “Somethin” by Urulu for Fool’s Gold RecsClubHouse.

Cyril Hahn has approximately one jillion plays on his Soundcloud, and there’s a good reason why. His remixes of sultry R&B jams flip them on their ass, toning vocals WAY down and putting them on top of layered bass-filled house patterns that are infectiously danceable. I doubt y’all will be able to play this just once.

Next up from MadTech’s sublabel MDTL is a percussive hit from young UK producer Network. Lots of UK vibes, sounds great everywhere from booty-popping in your office chair to swaying and grooving in the club.

Fairly bummed this guy is no longer making music, this song is fantastic. Garage claps, growling and ebbing white noise, and chords that are both beautiful and sad. Loooooovely. Come back, Altimeter!

The mysterious Druid Cloak provides a nice & deep little remix of the XX, a solid percussive piece like the ones above. Looking forward to more from this dude. Oh yeah, and it’s hard to go wrong with the XX.

Big fan of Andrea’s stuff, I could really just mosey through his Soundcloud the whole day and be quite content. Very woozy stuff, some pop-vocal influences, a good artist to help you get in your zone.

I am ridiculously obsessed with this song. Mikky Ekko has the voice of a god damn angel, and Clams Casino literally cannot lose and making soft & sensual beats. Press play, then press play 500 more times. I know I did. (PS- Mikky’s featured on Rihanna’s upcoming album so mark my words this dude is gonna be huge).


Ryan Hemsworth is responsible for the latest Foolcast mix, and really dope journey through various edits of hip-hop and R&B tracks. You can download them all individually right here. This one above is a nice cut from the selection.