Willy Joy is Back Every Wednesday on GDD™

Wily Joy is Back


Did you guys miss Willy Joy? Because he missed you! Free Willy Wednesdays are back on Gotta Dance Dirty with a brand new format.

Fresh Free Tracks Weekly

Willy is still going to give you guys a new tune on every first Wednesday of the month. Some will be remixes, some will be bootlegs, some will be 100% originals. You may have heard some played by your favorite DJ or in an exclusive mix, but now they’re yours… for free!

The other Wednesdays of each month will see Willy pick a new tune to showcase from some of his favorite producers and remixers. From now on, Free Willy Wednesdays means fresh shit, every week!

Starting Out With a Trap

To kick things off, we’re giving away one of the biggest singles off of Willy’s recent WILDLIFE project titled “Big Ups.”

Big Ups to all you guys for downloading, sharing, and sending your feedback! You’re what keeps us all going.