A producer, a vocalist, MC and collaborator – Whiskey Pete is a jack of all trades to electronic music. With releases on Ultra, Mad Decent, Dim Mak and many more, Pete’s widespread involvement in the scene just wasn’t enough. Pete teamed up recently with Kittie Brown and has officially launched the new label Switch Blade Recordings, aiming to seek out artists and producers that are “on the cutting edge of what will be the next big sound in electronic dance music.”

We had a chance to ask 5 big questions revolving around the label launch, and learned a lot more then we expected…

Interview + Exclusive Download (after the jump)

GDD: Whiskey Pete… You’ve been an iconic face in the EDM scene as a producer/vocalist, mc and collaborator… What made you decide to start your own label?
Since I started writing and performing, I have had releases on more independent dance labels then I can count. I’m really grateful to those labels that early on believed in me and liked what I was doing because it really helped to get my name out there and it established me as an artist in the EDM scene. After dealing with all these labels over the years I have had some great experiences and of course, some not-so-good ones, too. I finally got to a point in my career that I wanted to be able to have more control over my music and the music I am interested in making. I had been getting support from lots of people about starting my own label for quite a while and the time just seemed right so that resulted in the formation of SWITCHBLADE RECORDINGS, based here in Los Angeles. I can now make any type of track I want with whomever I want to and be able to release it when I want to. I’m so pumped to have the opportunity to release music from other artists that our label thinks are up and coming and making quality music that might never have a chance to be heard on bigger labels. Why didn’t I do this forever ago?! haha

GDD:Why the name Switchblade? Any relation to the labels concept?
WP: I wanted a name that was gritty and raw. Something that had a bit of an edge to it. something razor sharp that would cut through the scene and leave a mark on it, something that represents Los Angeles. I came up with the idea for the logo before I had even decided on a name. I had my good friend draft up the logo idea and I was like yup this is it, Switchblade Recordings. 

GDD: Who are the artists you’re working with that are gonna have releases on the label? Can anyone submit?
The first official label release debuted on Beatport Oct 10th. It’s a three track drumstep/dubstep EP called, “Vandals Of Society,” and it features Hot Mess, The Juggernaut and Barron. I did vocals on all three tracks as well.

The second release is a three track trap EP called, “No Panties On,” from Stereothieves out of El Paso, Texas. The title track on that EP has already received support from UZ, Kissy Sell Out, Brillz and Reid Speed, to name a few, so I am def pumped about that.  That EP just dropped on Beatport Oct 29th so it will be out by the time your reading this.  I don’t wanna give away too much info about the artists we have lined up for future releases but I’ll just say some are household names that a lot of you will recognize and some are new artists on the come up. I have always loved and worked within all diff genres of dance music so you can expect to hear a lil bit of everything.

In terms of submitting music to the label the answer is a big YES! There is talent out there waiting to be heard and I want Switchblade Recordings to be a platform for new artists to be discovered and developed.
Submit to: switchbladerecordings@gmail.com

GDD: With the amount of free music on the internet today, what’s gonna make Switchblade stand out and prosper? Are you gonna do giveaway releases as well?
WP: I am just gonna let the music do the talking and hopefully everybody out there will listen and catch on to what we are doing. We’re not going anywhere- we’re here to stay. I am not going to release just anything that comes my way and I am not going to pump out a bunch of tracks in a scene that already has a ton of over saturation. We are all flooded with new music every single day from everywhere so I am trying to make sure every release by Switchblade Recordings will be unique in its own way and be presented to the listener in the best way possible. I am going to be selective with what we choose to release but I always keep an open mind and am willing to listen and give a chance to any new artist and producer out there.

To answer your question about giving away free music the answer is definitely yes! I know how important it is to give back to the people that support you and I am working on some free releases that should be out real soon. Some of them you actually may be able to get on Gotta Dance Dirty! Haha.

GDD: Where do you see Switchblade going in the future? Any ideal events to be held?
WP: I love music and it’s such a huge part of my life so I wanna share that excitement with the rest of the world through Switchblade. If I can turn people onto new music that they maybe don’t even know exists and get them hooked on it, just like I did, that would be awesome. I just want to be involved in dope music that people can get down to. I hope that by doing that the label will be accepted and supported by music fans; as well as the other artists/labels that we look up to and support.

We’re excited to be teaming up with Whiskey Pete  for the label launch party on Thursday, November 15th @ VERSUS –  hosted by Pete himself , with DJ sets from label friends and some very special guests…

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