HARD Day of the Dead Quickfire Q&A: Tittsworth

The dude, Tittsworth, is the next subject to our HARD Day of the Dead Quickfire. The tattoo-laden man from DC always throws down high-energy sets, and we expect one from him tomorrow when he plays the Moombahton Massive stage from 7:50-8:50PM. Another batch of funny answers lies below.

1) Favorite DEAD musical artist.
Resisting urge to make a bad Dead / Jerry Garcia joke ;-p Johnny Cash is the first person that comes to mind.

2) Weapon of choice in a battle to the DEATH.
44 ruger redhawk or a bradley butterfly knife, depending on the type of battle

3) DEADliest animal you’d want as a pet.
I have a fugu tattooed on my arm. I think it would be rad to have one of those as pets. Although Im not sure I should be allowed to have pets that I might consider food in another context.

4) Favorite Halloween movie.
I really dig nu azn horror, so the first one that comes to mind is Audition, although definitely big on The Shining and Kubrick in general.

5) As a child, I was terrified by…

6) #1 thing you need to do before you DIE.

7) Anything Halloween-themed on your rider this week?
I generally eat like a ghoul throughout the year, whether it’s organs or live sea creatures or whatever. Tho I do have jerky on my rider… animal of promoter’s choice.

8) Grateful DEAD or DEAD Kennedys?
I beat you to it! Kennedys, all day. I thought I was tuff when I was younger and gave myself a DIY DK tattoo. I’m glad that shit fell out.

9) Any Halloween samples, bootlegs, or remixes going in your set at HARD?
This Christina Aguilera x Exorcist mashup

SIKE. Def check out my Hard mix for some hints, the rest we’ll figure out when we get there 😉

10) DEATH to __________!
False metal…
and shitty halloween candy.