HARD Day of the Dead Quickfire Q&A: Sabo


After playing a pumping b2b set with Nadastrom last night at our VS HARD Day of the Dead pre-party, NYC’s Sabo will be opening up the Moombahton Massive stage tomorrow evening from 6:00-6:55PM. If last night’s set was indicative of what he’ll be putting down at HARD, you won’t want to show up late and miss this one. Check out his responses to our quickfire below, and if you still haven’t, grab your tickets here!

1) Favorite DEAD musical artist.
James Brown

2) Weapon of choice in a battle to the DEATH.

3) DEADliest animal you’d want as a pet.

4) Favorite Halloween movie.
Dark Crystal

5) As a child, I was terrified by…
The Humming Moose

6) #1 thing you need to do before you DIE.
bare off spring

7) Anything Halloween-themed on your rider this week?
I get a ride…?

8) Grateful DEAD or DEAD Kennedys?

9) Any Halloween samples, bootlegs, or remixes going in your set at HARD?

10) DEATH to __________!
The term EDM