HARD Day of the Dead Quickfire Q&A: Bro Safari


More from the Moombahton Massive stage! Bro Safari will be on from 8:50-9:50PM tomorrow night in between sets from fellow Bass aficionados, Tittsworth and Nadastrom. Read on for the hilariously witty responses from the Texan producer.

1) Favorite DEAD musical artist.
GG Allin.

2) Weapon of choice in a battle to the DEATH.
GG Allin’s corpse.

3) DEADliest animal you’d want as a pet.
Honey Badger.

4) Favorite Halloween movie.
The original Nightmare on Elm Street.

5) As a child, I was terrified by…

6) #1 thing you need to do before you DIE.
Overcome my fear of death.

7) Anything Halloween-themed on your rider this week?
Does Vodka count?

8.) Grateful DEAD or DEAD Kennedys?
DK all day.

9) Any Halloween samples, bootlegs, or remixes going in your set at HARD?
Maybe my new tune w/ DJ Craze “Spooked.” Aside from that, straight up, LVLZ ALL NIGHT.

10) DEATH to __________!
Nobody. That’s bad karma, man.