HARD Day of the Dead Quickfire Q&A: GTA


Today, we have our second edition of the HARD Day of the Dead Quickfires, and this time we welcome Miami duo, GTA. The pair of producers consisting of Van Toth and JWLS will have the second slot on the Moombahton Massive stage — playing from 6:55-7:50PM. Read on after the jump to see what they had to say to our Day of the Dead questionnaire.

1) Favorite DEAD musical artist.

DJ AM & Dimebag Darrel. RIP.

2) Weapon of choice in a battle to the DEATH.

Van Toth: Trident.
JWLS: katana.

3) DEADliest animal you’d want as a pet.

JWLS: a Puma.
Van Toth: a rabid penguin.

4) Favorite Halloween movie.

JWLS: Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Van Toth: Paranormal Activity is pretty freaky!

5) As a child, I was terrified by…

JWLS: Crazy people
Van Toth: I used to have this dream when I was 5 where I was hanging out by train tracks and then really far away I would see my mom just walk out into the tracks as a train was coming and I would wake up right as she was about to get hit. Creepy.

6) #1 thing you need to do before you DIE

Travel the world! And JWLS wants to be a billionaire.

7) Anything Halloween-themed on your rider this week?

JWLS: Candy Corn
Van Toth: Twix. The greatest candy the world has ever known.

8.) Grateful DEAD or DEAD Kennedys?

Dead Kennedys!!

9) Any Halloween samples, bootlegs, or remixes going in your set at HARD?

Maybe! You’ll find out when you catch our set!

10) DEATH to __________!