Science Sundays Volume 6: Sucrose


In anticipation for one of my favorite holidays (mostly because it almost always lasts WAY longer than a day, and you definitely can’t say that about 4th of July now can you?) I’ve decided to bring you the unofficial chemical sponsor of this fine day we call Halloween for this edition of Science Sundays: Sucrose.

Sucrose is some pretty basic stuff. Just table sugar. The ultimate “guilty pleasure” and sworn enemy of weight-conscious folks the world over. It’s what makes things we eat sweet! When listening to the tracks below, know that I am erring on the side of an eight-year-old and NOT your dietician and saying you can have all the sugar you want. These songs are, for lack of a better term, pretty freakin’ sweet. Some are just feel good-tracks, a nice little boost of energy like a handful of M&Ms. Some are full on guilty pleasures, like that second brownie you definitely would be embarrassed to be caught eating but loved every delicious morsel. Either way, the moral of the story here is that a little sugar in your day is a good thing. This halloween, grab your ring pop & go dance the night away.

Penguin Prison – A Funny Thing

Penguin Prison has always had cheerful tracks, and after an anecdotal run-in with the dude at some absurd hour of the morning in Miami, this song is as much a guilty pleasure as that candy bar you stole from your roommate. PURCHASE

Justin Bieber – As Long As You Love Me (Louis La Roche Remix)

Never thought you’d see Justin Bieber on GDD, did ya? Welp, Louis La Roche managed to take this to a level only he can. I’m a big fan of his remixes and if you get over the fact that this is J.Beebs it’s actually a pretty rad song.

Baauer – Yaow!

Like a sugar high, short but leaves you bouncing off the walls. Baauer is the dude. PURCHASE

Boys Noize – Sweet Light (Boris Dslugosch Remix)

Self-explanatory. Dope remix that I’ve actually heard Boys Noize play more than the original. Sweeeeet. PURCHASE

TEED – Trouble (Chad Valley Remix)

Chad Valley takes TEEDs charming vocals to an even more mellifluous level with the addition of chimes and tinging chords. PURCHASE

Sentinels – Love Rhythm

I mean, I’m pretty sure the cover art for this release being candy hearts pretty well defines the mood of the track. PURCHASE

!!!BONUS!!! Eats Everything – Clash DJ Podcast

A solid little mix full of jams like that bowl of all your favorite candy… from the man who eats… literally… everything!