GDD™ Morning Update: Deadmau5, Dubfire, Tiga, Warehouse Project, Grenier, Ableton

Deadmau5 hypes new live show concept: “I can’t believe no one has thought of it”
Dubfire on reviving Deep Dish: “Festivals are getting tired of the same old artists”
Tiga mixes Tiga Non Stop
Warehouse Project announce NYE party
Grenier Readies EP for Symbols, Shares Preview
• Take a First Look at Ableton Live 9


Deadmau5 hypes new live show concept: “I can’t believe no one has thought of it”

Last Friday, an audience of no more than 200 lucky Deadmau5 fans witnessed their hero in a special intimate performance in Los Angeles. The showcase, at Sonos Studio, was sponsored by local internet radio station KCRW and recorded for a broadcast on 1 November. Before Joel Zimmerman stepped up to his ‘mini-cube’ for a 90-minute set, he sat down with KCRW host Jason Bentley, and U.S. site Magnetic Mag recorded the chat.

During the interview, Zimmerman touched on the news many mau5 enthusiasts have been waiting on: the next incarnation of his stage show. As a guy who spares no expense on spectacle, there are high hopes for whatever comes after The Cube. The Veld Music Festival in Zimmerman’s hometown of Toronto was supposed to be grand debut of the new show, but rain prevented it from working at full capacity. In the time since, though, the Deadmau5 team has been working on something even bigger. “How do you keep bringing it up a notch?” Bentley asked.

“Oh man, I wish you asked me this question a year from now, ‘cause damn, oh man,” Zimmerman replied. “I’ve got some things in store that are insane. We were going to do the last Cube show at Creamfields, and I brought like a $5K camera and I was like, “I’m going to film this in iMax quality and it’s going to be amazing. Then the whole festival got cancelled.

“At this festival in Canada called The Veld, everyone thought it was going to be the new stage. But we couldn’t do the production we really wanted. It’s so hard not to drop what [the new stage concept] is. It is so bloody amazing, and I can’t believe no one has thought of it.”

At the other end of the spectacle scale, dubstep don Skream this week talked to Mixmag about his new Skreamizm tour concept. The idea is to take it back-to-basics – good soundsystems and darkened rooms – with no flashy distractions. “In the last year I’ve seen enough light to last me a fucking lifetime,” he said. “I’m not becoming this guy who hates light, not at all, it’s just that I haven’t felt like I’ve been to a rave for so long.” It looks, though, that the trend we wrote about in our Bright Lights, Big Budgets feature is only amplifying…

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Dubfire on reviving Deep Dish: “Festivals are getting tired of the same old artists”

Dubfire was one of the thousands from the global dance industry who flocked to Amsterdam last week for ADE, with a busy schedule that included the party he hosted for his SCI+TEC label on the Wednesday night, as well as his appearance at Richie Hawtin’s ENTER edition of the Awakenings Festival on the Friday night. He also found time to sit down with inthemix for a chat, where he elaborated on his possible reunion with Sharam that he told us about earlier this year.

“A lot of people have name checked Deep Dish as pioneers of the whole pop-dance phenomenon we’ve been seeing happening, with maybe a bit more credibility,” Dubfire told ITM. “We’ve always left that door open, and Sharam is actually here at ADE, we’re meeting today or tomorrow to chat about it. But we have been talking about it over the course of the past year or two, because we’ve been approached by a lot of promoters. They just want to see us in the DJ booth together. And I think a lot of the promoters are getting tired of booking the same old artists, the Aviciis and the David Guettas, so they need a new marketing opportunity for their festivals.”

While they’ve both gone down very different career paths, with Dubfire now playing headline slots on prime European techno festivals like Holland’s Awakenings and Germany’s Time Warp, on the other hand, Sharam was warmly embraced on his home turf of America.

“He was actually successful much earlier in his solo career than I was, so I had a lot of catching up to do,” says Dubfire. “I was watching him, and I’m like fuck, I better catch up [laughs]. Straight out of the end of the Deep Dish phase, he’s got this hugely successful solo career, with a massive hit single; I need to step it up if I’m gonna have the same sort of staying power.”

He says they’re still in talks about what form the reunion is going to take. “It all depends on what we can say musically, either as DJs or collaborators again. So let’s see, maybe you’ll see some shows next year.”

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Tiga mixes Tiga Non Stop

Tiga will release a new mix next month called Tiga Non Stop. 

The 28-track collection will be Tiga’s first official mix CD in more than five years. In addition to tracks from a diverse cast of artists—AFX, Panda Bear and Blawan to name a few—it features a pack of forthcoming material from his label, Turbo, plus an exclusive track called “Plush” that Tiga co-produced with Matthew Dear. In characteristically cheeky fashion, the Canadian DJ and producer refers to the mix as “a crystal ball through which you can glimpse the music-encrusted future I call now,” adding: “This is the first mix I’ve done that embodies the ethic of ‘Tempos Without Borders’, starting out around 108 BPM before ultimately arriving at 126, the mythical ‘Golden Rectangle’ of tempos.”

Plush will be released as a single on November 26th, two weeks after the mix hits stores. 

01. Kindness – Swingin’ Party
02. 4E – Temple Traxx
03. AFX – AFX Acid 04
04. MKRNI – Humedad (DJs Pareja Remix)
05. Tiga – Plush
06. Audion – Cloth (Just A Couch)
07. Duke Dumont – Street Walker
08. Adam Marshall – Bass Tracking
09. Marco Carola – 90’s
10. Bok Bok & Tom Trago – Lil Ma Bonus Beat
11. Tiga – Track City Bitch
12. Terence Fixmer – Inner Playground
13. Romare – The Blues (It Began In Africa)
14. Auntie Flo – Oh My Days
15. Lula Circus – Once Upon A Time
16. Tiga – The Picture
17. Locked Groove – Keep Thorough
18. Duke Dumont – The Giver
19. Clouds – Those Cracks In Your Face, Do They Hurt?
20. Blawan – 6 To 6 Lick
21. Panda Bear – Surfer’s Hymn (Actress Primitive Pattern Mix)
22. Jacques Greene – Prism
23. Gladio – Calligula
24. K Alexi – Vertigo
25. Aubrey – Spank Spank 2008
26. Factory Floor – Two Different Ways
27. Crash Course In Science – Flying Turns
28. A Homeboy, A Hippie & A Funki Dredd – Total Confusion (Heavenly Mix)

Different Records and PIAS will release Tiga Non Stop on November 12th, 2012.

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Warehouse Project announce NYE party


The Warehouse Project has announced its bumper NYE line-up and boy is it a big one.

Artists include Annie Mac, James Zabiela, Simian Mobile Disco (DJ Set), Felix Da Housecat, Rudimental (DJ Set) and Benoit & Sergio (Live).

You can check out the full line-up below and head over to the official website for more info.

Annie Mac
James Zabiela
Simian Mobile Disco (DJ Set)
Felix Da Housecat
Rudimental (DJ Set)
Benoit & Sergio (Live)
The Toddla T Sound
Jaymo & Andy George
Paul Woolford
Metronomy (DJ Set)
Greg Lord
Now Wave Djs
Juicy Djs
Drop The Mustard

Check out their video below.

WHP2012 from The Warehouse Project on Vimeo.

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Grenier Readies EP for Symbols, Shares Preview

Bubblin’ Up San Francisco DJ/producer Grenier has announced he will release his latest EP via Kastle‘s increasingly prolific Symbols label, sharing a preview of its tunes before it drops next month. Called Intentions, the five-track record follows the artist’s 2012 singles for Tectonic, Frite Nite, GetDarker, and Photek’s imprint, and continues in a similar vein as those bass-laden, dubstep- and garage-inspired tunes, with Grenier relying equally on rhythm, melody, mood, and high-caliber production. You can preview the Intentions EP before it’s released on November 13, below.

01. Cursive
02. Gutta
03. Intentions
04. Silver Surfer
05. I Miss The Hiss

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Take a First Look at Ableton Live 9

Although there has been no official announcement from Ableton about the eventual release of the next generation of its Live software, a video showing off some features of Live 9—and a slightly updated look—has found its way to the web, indicating a new version of the program is well on its way. The “leaked” video shows off a new compressor modelled after a “classic British console,” as well as a host of enhancements to the existing compressor, gate, and EQ functions in Live. There is currently no word on when Live 9 will see an official release, and the company has not made a statement in regards to the video’s content, but considering the same footage initially appeared briefly on Ableton’s own YouTube channel, you can rest assured this a legitimate first look at Live 9.

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