[NEW MUSIC] Mad Owl – Glacier

I’ll be the first to admit I’m usually hesitant about an artists first release. I cling to the familiar, like all humans with a subconscious mind do. However, newcomer to the scene and LA local Mad Owl froze over (terrible pun) any hesitance I may have with his new track Glacier, out now on Le Castle Vania’s label, Always Never.

Massive techno will always be my first and greatest love. No matter what trends come and go, or if I’ve listened to a mixtape 30 times in a week, I will always have a soft spot for the kind of techno that leaves your fingertips tingling and your arms covered in goosebumps. The Glacier release features three tracks, all of which culminate into a whopping journey through the different facets of booming, eerie techno. The original is a seven minute journey that, in various senses of the word, derives totally from its namesake. Giant, dark, cold, and eerie, Glacier punches you from underneath with its daunting builds and changing drum patterns. Le Castle Vania takes what appears to be his first venture into a slower BPM with his remix, while remaining true-to-self with builds that crash into massive drops, haunting melodies, and an overall haunted and electric feel. Modek chops things up with a funkier drum pattern, but layers it perfectly with a growing amount of stuttering chords that keep the overall tone of the release as dark as the original track.

Overall a solid release, especially for a “new kid”, perhaps one of my favorites from the label. You can stream the three tracks below , and be sure to grab the whole release off Beatport or iTunes.