MadTech Records’ New Sublabel + Interview & Free Download

Mad Tech Records logo

A few weeks ago we had a massive twitter interview with MadTech Records and their latest slew of artists: Lakosa, iO, and Pedro123. The man behind the scenes at MadTech, James, was an absolute pleasure to speak with and has continued to deliver some lovely tracks in our inboxes. So, when he shot us over the announcement of MadTech’s sublabel, MTDL, which will be pushing free music downloads, I quickly jumped on it. Awesome music… for free? Consistently? Sounds like a win.

Copped James for a quick interview, where he gave us the down-low with the new sub-label, as well as the sounds both labels will be pushing, and more. Incredibly well-spoken and advocating an intelligent and forward-thinking perspective on music in one of the most ahead-of-the-game cities in the world, James has plenty of good things to say. Don’t forget to check out the awesome free track below, a groovy garage jam with some rad vocal samples, from young producer Aaron Lipsett; not a bad way to kick off the first of MTDL’s releases!

What’s up James? What’s the news with MadTech?
Well we’ve had a pretty big year so far with releases from Lakosa & iO, Krystal Klear, Citizen, Ill Blu and we don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon! We’ve got an upcoming EP, released 26th November, from a Leeds duo called Voyeur. They come fresh from doing remixes for the likes of Santigold and Bombay Bicycle Club and are creating this deep, smoky house music, which includes Kerri himself reworking one of their tracks into an absolute monster. We also have a dark, looming techno EP from Thefft. This is a really exciting London based producer who’s pretty much carving out his own sound. (check out his remix of ‘Omar’ on the Ill Blu ‘Illusions’ EP). On top of that we’re hosting a Boiler Room in the next couple of months which will include a few surprises…

What inspired the start of MTDL?
Essentially MTDL started because we kept coming across the most incredible, exciting young producers either on Soundcloud, sent to us via email or recommended to us by friends. Our release schedule fills up so quickly and with the current pace of music in mind we wanted to find an avenue where we could get this dope music out there as quickly as possible to as many people as possible, without being held back by schedules, release dates, licensing agreements etc..

What kind of stuff can we expect to hear from MTDL? Will it include any of the artists on the mother label?
MTDL will be more of a direct reflection of what we are feeling and who we come across at the time. Genre wise it’s completely unpredictable, which is the beauty of it, peoples music tastes are wider than ever, we want to mirror that.

If MadTech or MDTL could collaborate with labels like artists can, what would they be?
I think MadTech and Motown would be sick! MoTech.

What kind of sound, style, or effort does MadTech and MTDL try to push?
MadTech will always be one to push forward thinking electronic music, in the house genre meshing bass, techno, grime etc. MTDL will be a much more instantaneous place for the music we are feeling at that time and could potentially go anywhere genre wise.

As a Euro label, and especially as a London-based one, you pretty much have been remaining ahead of the curve in dance music and more specifically this style. What or who do you think have been important pushes to get this sound heard and maximized as much as it has in the UK?
Online is a hugely important area, there’s so many great music sites (like yourselves!) that are tirelessly pushing new music which have been absolutely key for us. There’s also a lot of sick radio djs and producers (regional and national) who are equally as passionate about this music and really open to getting on board and supporting. But of course ultimately the most important factor is the music fans themselves, without them there would be nothing!