[REVIEW] Surprise Skrillex show at Webster 10/12

Webster Hall continues to be one of my favorite venues in New York City and this past Friday was no exception. After getting word that there would be a secret guest I made my way over to the historic club and hoped for an interesting night. With a line-up consisting of Crizzly and Alvin Risk and armed with the knowledge that Skrillex was in town, I prayed that I would finally get to witness a rare surprise Skrillex set like other GDD writers had seen before me.

Crizzly started out the night with his signature “Crunkstep” style. Dropping tracks like his “Niggas in Paris/Go Hard” edit, “Chain Hang Lo” (Crizzly and Afk Remix),  “Make it Bun Dem” by Skrillex and Damian Marley and “Bands A Make Her Dance” by Juicy J in a bassy mix of Dubstep, Trap and Hiphop that got the packed crowd moving and ready for what was to come.

When Alvin Risk took the stage it was obvious that something was up. The curtains were drawn, obscuring the back half of the stage along with the LED screen, definitely not a normal occurrence for the headliner at a typical Girls & Boys Club night. With growing anticipation I watched as Alvin wreaked havoc on the crowd, going hard from the very start of his set with his remix of “Nemesis” followed by a mix of hard hitting and melodic electro like “Ivory” by Congorock, “Here We Go” by Hard Rock Sofa, “Azumba” by Gregor Salto and Alvin’s first remix of “We Are Young” by fun.

Finally, 45 minutes into Alvin’s set the curtains were slowly opened to reveal a huge group of people on the stage with Skrillex front and center. To say the crowd went wild is an understatement.

Keeping the frantic crowd riled up and ready, Skrillex started with “Right In” followed by his Kill the Noise and 12th Planet collaboration, “Right on Time” with the vocals of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme over the rise. Impressively following that with his own remix of Avicii’s  “Levels” spliced into one of my favorites, “Next Order” by Dog Blood mashed up with “Booty Clap” by Kill Frenzy.

While Skrillex’s set was fantastic, I was beginning to feel a glimmer of disappointment. I started to wonder if I was really about to see the same set that he did at Electric Zoo…But right as that thought crossed my mind, Skrillex took the performance in a completely different direction with “Transmission” by Boys Noize, “Callgurls” by Handbraeks and “Control Movement” by Gesaffelstein.

Yelling at the crowd “Yo, let’s play some weird shit!” He followed first with with “Bohla” then with “Getting Me Down” both by Blawan, admittedly weird but awesome funky techno. However after this lovely side track into techno and tech house, Skrillex reverted back to a more traditional set with “Sleaze” by Knife Party, the Skrillex and Nero VIP remix of “Promises,” and “Be Faithful” by Fatman Scoop featuring Crooklyn Clan. Yet, closing out the epic night at 4:30am with “This Is How We Do It” by Montell Jordan and “P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)” by Michael Jackson, Skrillex again proved that not only is he a master mixer regardless of genre, but he has an amazing knack for reading the crowd and creating the intense energy and atmosphere that can be physically felt every time he performs.


Photos courtesy of Webster Hall.