Sweater Beats – MLLN DLLR


Did you know that Bondax have a record label?  They do.  It’s called Justus Recordings.  It’s new, it’s up & coming and as expected, it’s cutting edge.  Here’s a little something they had to say about it:

“We basically just want to release all the artists we’ve been listening to over the years that we love and don’t understand why they haven’t been snatched up by other labels. I won’t reveal too much, but we definitely don’t want to stay within the realms of dance music.”

The latest release off Justus is “MLLN DLLR” by Sweater Beats.  Brooklyn producer Sweater Beats describes “MLLN DLLR” as “French Touch meets Future Bass”.  Now THAT is a sound I can definitely get on board with.  And you should, too.  “MLLN DLLR” samples the 2009 Whitney Houston track “Million Dollar Bill” and is one hot + sexy ride.  Check it out below and get ready for some candle lit booty bouncin’.