The Dirt #91: Pierce Fulton + Tre


Ladies and gentlemen, we have a treat in store for you this week. This week’s dirt features the progressive house prodigy, Pierce Fulton and myself, Tre.  Pierce has put together a list of energetic diverse bangers and I have selected some of my recent favorites in a number of genres; from IDM to dark, rolling electro.  So lets get to it!

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Pierce’s Picks

1. Jeremy Olander – The Rose Law

I pretty much love anything from Jeremy Olander, but this one in particular sticks out a lot to me.  This track has a very unique use of chimes and the bass line just grooves like crazy.

2. Umek – 100% Sure

When it comes to tech, Umek has his shit on lock.  The man always has a signature swing in his grooves and this track just hits so hard without really overstating anything.

3. Fehrplay – Nightride

Fehrplay really came out of nowhere, just recently releasing his first few tracks with Pryda Friends.  I first heard Nightride in Eric Prydz‘s EPIC radio show and thankfully the release came soon after.  This track is a dark progressive house tune with a slight 80’s vibe and excellent use of vocal sampling.

4. Norin & Rad – DeVas

Now this track has quite a bit more energy than the rest.  It has the signature Norin & Rad sound; featuring various cut synths and lots of space.

5. Ellie Goulding – Anything Could Happen (Alex Metric Remix)

Alex Metric is the king of taking pop songs and turning them into incredible remixes.  In a twisted and almost dissonant fashion, he took the happy-go-lucky original and created a monster with a rolling bass line that just simply destroys.

Tre’s Picks

1. Lil Texas – I Need You (Djemba Djemba Retrewk) [Exclusive]

Djemba Djemba (St. Andrew) gives us a strong and groovy first-class remix with this one.  The Los Angeles native seems to get better with every tune he churns out, make sure to pick up this exclusive tune!

2. D.I.M. – Loaded (Original Mix) (Electro)

While this track came out a couple of months ago, I never got around to writing about it.  It’s a fire tune and when it comes to electro, D.I.M. always impresses me; whether it’s his strong dark synths or his ability to blur genre lines and produce something completely unexpected yet excellent.

3. Tube & Burger – Slipknot (ft. Robert Owens) (Pleasurekraft Once Upon a Time in the West Remix) (DeepHouse)

Pleasurekraft deliver a stellar, deep house jam with this one.  Robert Owens vocals compliment the track’s well-crafted grooves as it progresses, you don’t want to miss this one.

4. Kiko & Milhalis Safras – Mentos (Techno)

A real techno bomb, Mentos grabs you from the start and never lets go.  With a energetic arpeggiated synth at its core, strong subtle intermittent stabs and well-produced percussion; this track keeps you hypnotically hooked!

5. MӨDЦᄂӨKƬӨPЦƧ -The Zulu Calling (Afrika Bambaataa)

The Zulu Calling is a massive hip-hop inspired bass track that brings something new to the table.

Much love,