Kill Frenzy Discusses Booties, Bass, and Belgium!

Kill Frenzy has had a very, very good year. He’s got releases on dirtybird, Anabatic, and Moda Black, a track that hundreds of DJs across hundreds of genres fired out from their crates as a club weapon, and DJ sets all over the world (including a stop here in LA for HARD Summer), all helping him quickly become a name at the tip of everyone’s tongue when it comes to bumpin’ booty bass. Unsurprisingly so, with a track that has made millions of people not-so-secretly wish they could make their booty clap. With a marketable and clever DJ name, a hairstyle rivaling Roger Klotz from Doug, and a finesse for groovy but rattling bass lines, Kill Frenzy is locked and loaded to continue along his path of tech-y goodness.

Last week I caught the elusive Brussels native for a chat on Twitter, and what a charmer the young lad is. Go check out our discussion after the jump, where we talk about many of his favorite things, including naked girls in his studio, chocolate, the Ghettos & Gardens album, and more.

GottaDanceDirty (GDD): Ready for this thing @kill_frenzy? How are you bud? WHERE are you?
Kill Frenzy (KF): Let’s dooo this! I’m good, at my crib in Brussels at the moment.
GDD: Dope! Do you have a studio set up at your crib?
KF: If you can call a couple computers and studio monitors a studio then yes 😀
GDD: That counts! Is that where you made your latest release on Dirtybird?
KF: Yes I did! And for “Go to the Mo” @sacharobotti came over from Berlin for a couple of days. Mad fun that guy is!! We actually made 2 tracks during his stay here. The other one will be released soon…

@sacharobotti: so much fun in Brussels!
GDD: How rad! What a great song! Dirtybird has really taken you under their wing (hehe) this year! Any favorite party you’ve played with them?
KF: They are such great guys! I got the chance to play @ the Dirtybird party at Mezzanine in San Francisco which was the best party I’ve ever played.
@ShitSteve0Says: When should we expect to see you play in NYC?
GDD: YES! When are you back in the states?
KF: I’ll back just before New Years until New Years Eve when I’ll be playing in Miami. Hopefully New York soon!!
GDD: Are you stopping by LA per chance? 😉
KF: I don’t know yet! When I do I will surely let you know :)
GDD: Woop! OK, what’s your favorite hour of the day to play?
KF: I’d rather play at night, haha. But during the day you can see ass’n titties better… so in the summer on a boat with sun at 7?
GDD: Definitely into that. Booty boat party? Count us in. Where in the world would you like to travel but haven’t been?
KF: O god eumm… So many places so little time… Japan, China, Brazil, Canada, Sweden… So many booty’s, so little time!
GDD: Hahaha! If you could have any girl making her booty clap on stage with you, who would it be?
KF: So many girls with nice booty’s. But I came across one that might clap it really good, hah!
GDD: Wooooow! “Make That Booty Clap” was a massive success this year, played out by everyone. Was there an instance that really surprised you? Like, “Whoa, I can’t believe this happened?”
KF: When I heard of some of the DJ’s that were playing my tracks, and also when I saw this video:

GDD: So wild! Well we’re very happy you’re getting the deserved attention! Tell us what you have coming up next in the Kill Frenzy world!
KF: I got some new tracks coming out on @_ShadowChild‘s new label Food. And I just did a remix for @mrJUSTINMARTIN, I’m excited! :)
GDD: What albums have been on repeat for you this week?
KF: @mrJUSTINMARTIN’s new album has been on repeat for me since it came out !!
GDD: For us too! 2 more questions. What’s your favorite tool/software in the studio? Is there something you wish you had with you while producing (it can be imaginary or real… anything)?
KF: Ableton is the tool for me. Next to that I always use Ozone Izotope on a lot of the sounds. In the studio I’d like to have the sample library for any sound in the world… and 5 naked girls just sitting in the studio for inspiration… and vocals.
GDD: LOL. Love it. OK, before we say goodbye, it’s GDD tradition to buy you a drink next time you’re in town. What will it be?
KF: Coconut Juiiiiiiiiceeeeeeee!!!!
GDD: Oh, and @shitsteve0says asked if you prefer “this 1 or that 1″ and @seanToks asked if you can make your booty clap!
KF: @ShitSteve0Says @seanToks I can’t chose :D. And I haven’t actually tried haha, I’ll get on that!
GDD: Well thank you so much Sebastien for chatting with us. Congrats on all the releases and hope to see & hear from you soon!!
KF: I had fun doing my first ever Twitter interview! Yes thanks guys, speak soon!!! I’ll bring some Belgian chocolat 😉
GDD: Us too! Belgian chocolate is the best! When you’re here we will have plenty of girls booties ready to shake for you!