[#AskGDD] Harvard Bass & Prince Club chat with us about Bump City Records, LA, music, and girls

Last Thursday we spoke with our friends and LA transplants Prince Club and Harvard Bass about a little bit of everything. Harvard Bass (Victor) has recently just started his own record label, Bump City Records, and thankfully I was in the know about the PC x HB collab coming out on the new label, so I grabbed the lads for a chat and unsurprisingly it was full of laughs. Max of Prince Club was in the middle of getting tattooed, and the other half of the Canadian duo Zach came and chimed in midway through the talk.

Get in on the talk below, and be sure to chat with us over on Twitter with more artists and record labels every Thursday using the #AskGDD hashtag!

GottaDanceDirty (GDD): Right, first thing’s first. Where are you? What’s on the right of your computer?
Prince Club (PC): HA! Actually I’m getting tattooed right now. To the right there’s a tattoo gun.
Harvard Bass (HB): I’m in the studio, there’s a plush red lobster to the right.
GDD: Pics or GTFO!
PC: Proof! pic.twitter.com/u1DcOS5U
HB: No lie, no lie, no lieee http://t.co/ds8ajXLK
GDD: Dope! Victor we love plush here at GDD. Max, where is the other half of Prince Club?
PC: Zach is probably somewhere in Montreal chasing girls, he’s such a casanova hahah πŸ˜‰
GDD: What’s your drink of choice while on stage or in the studio?
PC: Iced coffee for the studio, whiskey ginger on stage!
HB: Water/tea/coffee in the studio, whiskey/water while on stage.
GDD: Men of simple pleasures! Like your style.
GDD: OK, what records have you guys had on repeat this week?
HB: Duke Dumont – No Money Blues (ft Extra Curricular)

PC: I’ve mostly been listening to Hawaiian music lately.
GDD: Any soundcloud links you guys recommend?
HB: My own! HA HA. soundcloud.com/harvardbass
PC: Haha, just listen to the best of Hui Ohana πŸ˜‰
GDD: OK, question for you Victor. What prompted you to start Bump City Records? Why do the launch party in Mexico?
HB: Started BCR so I could show the world the sounds I like. Launch party was in Mexico cuz that’s where I played my first show (as Harvard Bass). It just seemed right.
GDD: You guys have both moved here to LA this year. What’s your favorite thing about LA? What do you miss back home?
PC: My favorite thing is all of the amazing people I’ve been able to meet! And of course the weather!
HB: I like the fact that I get more work done here. It’s rad. I really miss the Mexican food in San Diego, and my nephews. Also I miss the weather in San Diego. Better breeze there. Weather in LA is too hot for my flavor.
GDD: We’re music bloggers and foodies. What’s the difference between Mexican food here and in San Diego?
HB: Can’t explain in a tweet. You’d have to head to SD to taste the difference. Dunno why (it’s so different) because SD is only two hours away.
GDD: What do you wish you had in the studio that you don’t?
PC: An 808 and a 909, an electronic drum set and an MPC.
HB: An engineer that will arrange all my music in one hour. LOL!
PC: Hi, Zach checkin in!!
GDD: Hi Zach! Where are you bud?
PC: In Montreal with MAX!!!!!!
GDD: Woooo!
@seanTOKS: Favorite non-electronic artists?
GDD: Of all time? Or of the moment? Let’s ask the guys!
PC: This is such a hard question to answer omg.
HB: LIL MOUSE. I’m really into ignorant rap. Of all time… there’s a few but Sade is definitely one of them.
PC: I’d have to say Van Morrison – Max
PC: Of the moment: Blood Orange. Of all time: Shocking Pinks, Nirvana, Usher, Kanye. Haha – Zach
PC: “Moondance” is kinda the jam πŸ˜‰ – Max
HB: Another all time favorite is Cam’ron!
@DeanRamos_: What’s the first release on @BumpCityRecords?
HB: Me!
GDD: Loving these answers guys. First song you’d play at each others wedding?
PC: Does this mean I get to marry Victor?
GDD: Of course.
PC: Cut Without The E – Taking Back Sunday. That’s what I’ll play at Max’s wedding. – Zach
HB: We’re only listening to the ocean breeze at my wedding. Maybe some Pearl Jam in the background. LOL JK
GDD: Was there ever a song that blew you away with its engineering. Or made you change how you make music?
HB: I think there is always that ONE SONG that inspires you to push your music to the next level. Happens every month it seems like.
GDD: If you had to pick one topic to end all the arguments over, what would it be? #trapmusic or #syncbutton?
HB: #syncbutton
PC: “How much passion can one put into f*cking beatmatching?!?!?” – Zach
GDD: Okay, let’s reveal it. Which one of you wants to tell us why we at GDD are interviewing you together?
HB: Maybe because we are cute and handsome and single and need more dates…
HB: I guess the real reason is we have a single coming out together (it’s massive), or it could be cuz we are such good friends. Who knows!
GDD: Attention LA Ladies: @HarvardBass and Max from @PrinceClubMusic are SINGLE and HANDSOME. Ask them on a date!
HB: Yeah! I’m getting hungry…
GDD: Let’s start wrapping things up… time to ask each other a question?
HB: Max, what type of car should I get??
PC: Rover, 200%!!
HB: Zach bro, when are you moving to LA?
PC: Soon enough, haha – Zach
GDD: Final question: what do you guys have coming up next?
HB: Got a new release on Twin Turbo coming out in October, a new Harvard Bass website, and a couple releases lined up for Bump City…
PC: Just released an edit of @JustinJayMusic on Dirtybird, remix for @ThemJeans coming up on No Brainer, and in the process of signing more stuff too. You’ll see :)

GDD: All right then! Thanks so much guys! Had so much fun!
HB: Thank you! :)
PC: Thanks! Sorry I had to go back under the needle. It’s actually tattooing me as we speak!