Full Hundred Waters Album Stream – Out 9/25 on OWSLA


It’s not exactly dance music, but it’s 100% music worth listening to. Don’t let the “OWSLA” in the title trick you, this is far from anything you’d expect to come out of the Skrillex camp. And you know what, that’s why Sonny Moore is becoming increasingly hard to hate. Those still ignorant enough to spew their constant vitriol his way are obviously ignorant of his gracious acceptance speech(es) at the Grammy’s, his humble and endearing personality, his appreciation of and efforts to push his more mainstream leaning legion of fans to embrace more obscure electronic music (from Aphex Twin to Gesaffelstein), and now his endorsement of a beautiful, undefinable and timeless record like this Hundred Waters album.

I can see myself listening to this album in twenty years over a nice glass of wine accompanied by good conversation and better friends. It’s majestic, ambient yet stimulating, and it’s brought to you courtesy of… Skrillex? Mind-boggling I know, but it’s just one of the few reasons I can think of that the young Sonny Moore deserves his spot at the top right now.

Stream the album after the jump, and ask Siri to set a reminder for tomorrow, when the full album goes on sale via OWSLA. Just don’t try to have Siri spell “OWSLA”…