GDD™ Exclusive Interview w/ Bingo Players at Electric Zoo

While at Electric Zoo the other weekend we stopped by the Bingo Players’ set on the mainstage Saturday and briefly chatted with them after the show about Hysteria, new Bingo Players music and who would win in a DJ Faceoff. Check it out below…

GDD: So we like start off interviews by asking our traditional question: What’s your favorite drink?

Maarten: Vodka. For me it’s Vodka.
Paul: For me, Crystal Geyzer.
Maarten: He’s so healthy man, he’s so healthy.

GDD: If you two had a DJ faceoff, who would win and why?
Paul: No, thats a trick question, no no no no…
Maarten: Haha he would win..he has skills…
Paul: No, he would win, he has the concepts, haha. So like, the both of us are the perfect combination, like Yin and Yang.

GDD: With festivals like Tomorrowland, EDC, UMF and here at Electric Zoo, it seems that stage production is becoming an increasingly important part of concerts and festivals. If you had an unlimited budget, what would you do for your show and what do you think the next step will be for these over the top theatrics?
Maarten: I would do like a rock show, a rock production.
Paul: Fireworks and shit.
Maarten: Theatrics for sure.

GDD: You have had some amazing releases lately on Hysteria by the likes of Gregori Klosman, Ralvero, Carl Tricks plus several others. Do you do the A&R yourselves, and if so what do you look for in an artist or track?

Maarten: Well we get like a thousand promos a week, so we try to listen to them all, but you can easily hear when a track is really good or really bad. So we do it ourselves.
Paul: It’s our taste, you know.
Maarten: Yeah it’s our taste. And we enjoy being the A&R but sometimes it’s too much. You know, it’s like 1000 promos a week, it’s so difficult to judge them all.

GDD: A lot of the big name producers have imprints these days, since you guys have first hand experience, do you feel that having an imprint is a necessity for producers in todays market? How do you think this new dynamic is shaping the industry?
Maarten: Well, you know, it’s great that you have control of your own music. So whenever we make a track and we like it, we can put it out. So, for us, it’s great to have our own label. And I think all the other artists have um, how do you call it…a taste that they want to put out. So it’s a good thing you know. When you hear a track on Hysteria you know it’s a track we like. It’s more of a thing for DJs also to put out the taste of the tracks they like at the moment. It’s cool, we don’t mind everyone having a label, it’s a good thing.

GDD: Does Hysteria have any upcoming releases we should be on the lookout for?
Paul: We got a new song “Out Of My Mind” I think is coming out in October.

GDD:And what can we expect from you guys over the next few months?
Paul: We have loads of music that’s just laying around. So were going to release a lot more next year.

GDD: Did you by chance drop a new track tonight?
Maarten: Yeah!
Paul: Yeah, we dropped 2 or 3.
GDD: Ok, cause I heard a few new songs and I was like ‘What is this!?”
Paul: Hysteria baby, Hysteria!
GDD: Well thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us!
Bingo Players: Yeah, thank you!

Photo Courtesy of Doug Van Sant for