[24 Hour Download] David Dann – To Each His Own: A Full (Free) Album of Spot On, Ethereal Progressive House

We’ve teamed up with 23 year old up-and-comer David Dann to bring you something fun this morning: his entire debut full length album free to stream and download, for the next 24 hours.  Now, you know I’m no fan of vocal or progressive house, but there are always the special exceptions for me.  I’ve been into his remixes for a few months now, and the full length had me as soon as David had sent it over.  The quality and attention to detail in his production, coupled with an intricate and infectious sense of melody, put him on my list of artists to watch– I’ll be very surprised if this young producer isn’t playing very big rooms full of many people in the near future.  Grab his full 11 track album, including his collaboration with C.C. Sheffield, his 7 track remix pack, and the premier of his latest video; all right here, today on GDD™.

Standout tracks:



September 7th (Outro)

This entire album will be available until 11AM PST tomorrow, September 12, 2012.

Did you miss the download window?  Fret not, you can download all the remixes above and the full album is also available here:

To Each His Own (iTunes)

To Each His Own (Beatport)

To Each His Own (Spotify)

David Dann Soundcloud

All my best,

Steven N. Ewald