GDD™ Exclusive Interview w/ Hook N Sling

We recently ran into Hook N Sling in New York and decided to see what was new with him and hear all about his release with Nervo, his move to LA and more. Interview after the jump!

HNS: It’s getting sweaty in here…
GDD: Yeah it’s really gross, you can feel the humidity in the air.
HNS: Haha, yeah I can taste everyones BO.
GDD: Haha well Welcome to New York! We at Gotta Dance Dirty like to start off by asking what your favorite drink is?
HNS: My favorite drink?
GDD: Yeah what’s your favorite drink?
HNS: Ah, Coconut water…
GDD: Haha, I heard that’s a good hangover cure.
HNS: Yeah, you know what, the Nervo girls, they just handed me a Coconut Water as I got on stage. I think I lost like 5% of my manhood ten minutes ago. I’ll have to get it back.
GDD: I bet you’re super rehydrated though.
HNS: Yeah I am, I feel fantastic!

GDD: The performance with Nervo and your new song together “Reason” is 5th on beatport [now 3rd]. Doing very well! How did that come about and how long have you known the twins?
HNS: Well I’ve the girls for maybe a few years now, like 3 years. And we’ve always been like giving each other records and kinda hanging out. And each time we are in Australia we see each other and hang out. The record kinda came about when they were in Australia, we actually had two days to put aside and write. So thats how it all began, and this was at the start of the year. We finished that record in like 2 days and we first played it in Miami..I played with the girls at the Delano in Miami, and we kind of premiered it then and from there, it was still unsigned at that time, then we got the wheels in motion and it got picked up and now it’s out..six months later. It’s taken a while…

GDD:You recently relocated to LA from Australia…how did the move go? Do you like it out there?
HNS: Its good! Yeah my life was a bit upside down for 3-4 weeks, yeah still is a bit upside down! You know what…I have no idea where the keys to my house are back home. I’ve gotta go back in a few weeks and I have no idea where my keys are, I’m going to have to find em…
GDD: Maybe you can jimmy the lock or something…
HNS: Haha yeah..break a window.

GDD: Alright, so what is next with you? Do you have any upcoming tracks, a tour, how is it going?
HNS: Yeah the next record is a Michael Calfan remix which is coming out the 10th of September, only a few days away! And then after that I have two new originals coming out in October.

GDD: What is one goal that you haven’t yet achieved that you are striving for now?
HNS: Beatport number 1!
GDD: Well I don’t know, you might just get there before the end of the week!
HNS: Haha oh maybe! These guys are number 2.
GDD: Who, oh Dada Life? (currently playing on stage in the background)

GDD: Well, since you are doing so many interviews today…what is one question that you hate to be asked? Or do you have any good interview stories?
HNS: Oh I do actually, I once shut the phone on an interviewer. Because she said to me, and wait I gotta get this right…she was talking about House music and she was like “Are you..” wait sorry….Hmm what I hate, I’ll tell you what I hate though. It’s when an interviewer knows nothing about you. So they come in and they go..”Um so tell me a little bit about yourself.” So this one girl…she knew absolutely nothing…she actually got on the phone and was like “So…umm…uhhh…are you do you perform, what instruments do you use to perform?” I was like “You have no idea who I am do you?” And she was just like “No..”
GDD: Hahaha, you see that’s when you should’ve given a total bullshit interview and said that you play the guitar..
HNS: Yeah, Christian Rock..
GDD: Yeah, that would’ve been great! I’d read it. Well, thank you so much for this interview and I hope you have a great rest of the day!