Science Sundays Volume 1: Oxytocin

Hi, I’m Laura. A few of you may know me as the discreetly evident “little sis” of the GDD family, but it’s my great pleasure to announce that my newest sisterly duty is helping my lovely bros out with content. Now that Gotta Dance Dirty has a little bit of girl power up on the site (shouts to Tamara & Olyvia…) I figure it’s time to hold things down by presenting my own unique weekly content. Enter Science Sundays. Myself being a mega science-buff (ie: nerd) I’ve always been fascinated by the way both chemicals and music can alter your brain state. Pretty magical stuff, right? They don’t call music a drug for nothing…

Each weekend, I’ll be focusing on one substance and its general effects on the body, but much more importantly I’ll be including a few of my favorite jams that go hand in hand in enhancing or defining the way that particular substance makes you feel.

To kick off the first round of Science Sundays, we’ve got perhaps my all-time favorite neurotransmitter: Oxytocin. Read more & check out the tunes that are reminiscent of the “love hormone” after the jump!

Okay, oxytocin. Most frequently associated with bonding, empathy, sexual arousal, and reduction of feelings of fear, oxytocin basically is what’s responsible for your blissful or comforted feeling while falling in love, getting a really good hug, seeing your best friend after a long time apart, laying in bed with the man/woman of your dreams, and so on. Is there anything better than that?

Below are a couple of the jams that I hold close to me, for your aural pleasure to remind you or empower you through those special moments with the people you love most. Hold someone’s hand, reconnect with someone you adore, play around under the sheets, and love. The music’s all yours, baby.

Aaliyah ft Drake – Enough Said (Shlohmo Remix)
Shlohmo was on some serious shit at the last Boiler Room, and in honor of the late princess of R&B (RIP BB gurl) he dropped his swoon-worthy remix of the “new” Drake & Aaliyah tune. Something ultra soothing about it, and really is there anything more sexy than these two crooning “tell me what you need?” DOWNLOAD

Holy Other – Touch
I’ve always reveled at Holy Other‘s abilities to make me really feel something with his tracks, there’s one in particular that reduces me to tears without fail but “Touch” leaves me feeling remarkably affable and warm. PURCHASE

Kastle & iO – Only You
It wouldn’t be right of me to NOT put Kastle within my selection of songs here. Basically the undisputed king of what I’ll hesitantly define as “future bass sex jams,” Kastle is fairly brilliant at evoking that feeling that so nearly represents an oxytocin rush. This collaboration with iO is one of my personal favorites of his recent works. PURCHASE

Ornette – Crazy (Noze Remix)
Really stunning vocals, enchanting little house melody, and every time I witness this played out it’s pretty much a signal for girls and boys to start giving each other the bedroom eyes. Just saying. PURCHASE

Dauwd – Ikopol
So simple, so pretty, and for me makes me appreciate when a song or a person or an idea can make you feel so strongly and so happy without any of the complexities. Genius maneuver by Justin Martin to put Pal Joey & Teedy G’s “Life Accapella ” over it in his Crackcast mix. PURCHASE

Skream – Thoughts Of You
The first time I even knew this existed was the blissful moment I got to catch Skream do a FUCKING AWESOME disco/techno set at the Do Over in Miami back in March. He tweeted about the track the following week and I completely lost my shit. If he continues to make stuff like this and “Where You Should Be” I will be a very happy girl.

Disclosure – Latch (ft. Sam Smith)
aRod has a pretty good knack for beating me at finding / posting stuff I really like, so clearly he one-upped me at getting it up on GDD. Regardless, this song is TOO good and all together TOO fitting for my theme so you all can suck it up at listen to it again.

Cheers, and looking forward to next week!