[INTERVIEW] We chat Deep, Bass, UK Funky and Slow Jams with MadTech Records’ artists: iO, Lakosa, & Pedro123

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Our second round of #AskGDD went down early in the afternoon yesterday, and after Steven and Laura had a nice long chat with James from Mad Tech Records, as well as Lakosa, iO, and Pedro123  (Stef, Rob, and Pedro, respectively), we decided not only to transcribe it for everyone who missed it to enjoy, but to continue along and start up a weekly Twitter chit chat with a selection of yours and our favorite artists, record labels, and more. Stay tuned via our twitter and of course with the #AskGDD hashtag every Thursday, where you can follow along or even ask questions yourself!

Our conversation with the group, as well as plenty of jams from them all for you to enjoy (as well as the dope new tunes they talked with us about) all after the jump.

As you may or may not know, MadTech out of London released a joint effort between Lakosa & iO, the Home Early EP, just last week. The EP, which contains the deep house charmer “Home Early” along with a a disco-tinted remix from West Norwood Cassette Library as a grime/funky house remix from the young Pedro123, is a brilliant selection of the sounds coming from the UK right now. This gave us at GDD a perfect opportunity to chat with them about what’s going on over seas, their favorite tunes, and more. Lots of UK Slang and banter, really stoked we got some followers involved as well! Cheers everyone!

—————–iO—————————-LAKOSA————————-Pedro 123————

MadTech Records (MT): Evenin’ all!
iO: Easy guys!
Lakosa (L): Safe!
Pedro123 (P1): Yooo!
GottaDanceDirty (GDD): Ay boys! What is it, 8PM there? We’re just getting started here in LA.
iO: 7PM here, us too!
GDD: Haha! Nice early start!
MT: How’s it going over there!
iO: Sun shining there in LA?
GDD: It’s sunny and we’re grinding over here. LA summer is in full swing! Beach / rooftop parties are packed. Where exactly are you guys again? East London?
iO: I’m about a 10 min Cycle from Dalston!
L: Cup of tea sorted, what have I missed? Where’s my invite to this big LA dance? Need some sunshine over here.
iO: Felt a tinge of winter in the air today! British summer standard.
L: By the way, here’s some news for you GDD, iO and I just finished a new 12″ 😉
GDD: Oh rad! What’ll it be on the drinks front tonight, by the way?
L: Rum & Coke all around!
iO: Make mine a ting… still at work!
P1: I’ll have a Dissarono & coke if you’re offering!
L: I like your style Pedro!
GDD: Haha, stylish!
MT: Lagar top for me, still clinging on to #summervibez!
iO: James mate, I need that new Krystal Klear record! #HUGE
L: Beat you to it Rob! Big vibes on that one.
GDD: Currently listening to Pedro’s remix… it’s awesome!
L: Yeah he killed it. Really happy with how he flipped it.
iO: #kidsgotskills!
MT: Yeah, he smashed it. Incidentally, you there Pedro?
L: What else you been working on Pedro? Wanna hear some new stuff?
P1: Got a 12″ Coming on Get Some Records, couple more remixes coming soooooon!
iO: I need some dubs as well mate. Tunes go oooff 😉
GDD: Nice! Link us with some tracks!
P1: Oh yeah, this came out on iTunes last week as well! http://t.co/zCkSk9W8
GDD: Can you all update us: What’s going on across the pond? London is still the hottest place for dance right now, right?
MT: Totally, there’s a wealth of young exciting producers coming through right now, hows the LA scene?
GDD: LA is better than ever. From the bass of @Smogdubstep @12thPlanet to the deep that @droog is running.. exciting times!
MT: Checking these guys out now.. for me HAPPA @HalfAPersian is killing it, and he’s 15!
GDD: Gonna have to check him out, which tracks are essential?
MT: This Four Tet remix. MASSIVE. http://t.co/ncYeMMEE
GDD: Damn this sounds like the cavernous, candlelit hallway entering Tresor in Berlin!
MT: SOO hard, and this guys 15?!! Crazy..
L: London always knows how to put on a party. Have you visited yet??
GDD: Our Founder/CEO, @jonahberry himself lived for a bit in the UK! needless to say.. been impressed since.
GDD: Which spots and sounds are you most excited about? So much happening in London… deep, bass, funky.. What’s new?
MT: Got to be London generally, so many spots to mention, nights like @WildlyOscillate smash it.
@higheight: How did the Home Early collab come about? You produce it together in same room or fire projects over the web?
L: Easy Neil.. ha that’s funny, cuz we only actually met just over a month ago… and made so many tracks together.
iO: Maybe one day we’ll get in the studio.. we just live too far apart, haha.
P1: What music do you guys listen to apart from house/bass etc?
L: 90’s hip hop is where my heart is. Pete Rock, Jdilla, Slum Village… Deep
GDD: Man it really spans the whole gamut between all our writers. Across the board we seem to be getting into deep house. However, when it’s not dance music, it’s usually hip hop or slowjamz at the GDD Penthouse.
iO: Everything mate hah.. but been listening to a lot of bands recently dems, @bretonLABS, Alt-J… you?
MT: Gotta love Alt-J, that album is unbelievable..
P1: I listen to loads of grime, a bit of RnB too. I’ve been obsessed with Jeremih’s new mixtape..
MT: YES. Fuck You All The Time is fire..
@treeson_: Where’d your aliases come from? I know pedro said there’s no big story behind his…
MT: Good question! Guys?
iO: IO is one of Jupiter’s moons. I was looking for samples one day and found this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=phhUy1VsnG0
@treeson_: Io has some heavy sounds, nice choice. might have to go listen to more space recordings..
iO: Haha it kind of draws you in – in a weird way…
GDD: What’s your guys’ take on deep house blowing up? We’re pretty thrilled…
MT: Haha yeah exciting! But it feels like it’s developing it’s own version of deep bass riden house..
GDD: Something’s going on, a lot of talented people working hard all day, every day, in amazing directions.
MT: So do you guys have a pool over there?
iO: If we left now, we might just make it for the sunset… just sayin.
MT: That’s the spirit!
GDD: Of course we do! What do you guys have coming up that we need to watch out for? When’s your next Boiler Room? 😀
MT: Got some very exciting stuff coming up.. festival, club night and some SERIOUS releases .. :) And another Boiler Room soon hopefully!
P1: That’d be wicked!
MT: Have you guys seen this? It’s blowing my mind right now! http://t.co/sow7UvO5
GDD: Yes! It’s insane!!
GDD: So you guys have any studio rituals? What’s your go to bevarage while producing?
P1: Gotta be a cup of tea!
iO: That’s one of em actually… and Tropicana. Gotta keep my blood sugar high!
GDD: How very British of you!
GDD: Well guys, we’re off but thanks very much for the chat!

Inquisitively Yours,

Laura & Steven N. Ewald