[INTERVIEW + REVIEW] Le Castle Vania at Webster Hall (NYC) 8/24

Last Friday we headed over to the historic Webster Hall for a huge foam party featuring the one and only Le Castle Vania. Check out the interview and review of his show below.

Le Castle Vania has a one of a kind show that we don’t often see here in New York. A fusion of indie-dance, electro-house, disco and hard rock, his tunes are addictive. Combine that with the grandeur of Webster Hall, a few foam cannons and a stage full of lasers and you have one hell of a party.

The energy was high throughout the entire night with LCV dropping some of his own tracks like “Awake,” and his Kaskade “Turn it Down” remix among old favorites like “Invaders must Die” by The Prodigy and the Cyberpunkers remix of “Dodgems” by Gooseflesh.

However, as the foam cannons covered the packed crowd it was LCV own “Play Loud” and Knife Party’s “Internet Friends” and “Rage Valley” that really took the performance to another level. The party was a blast and to top it off we got to catch up with LCV to chat about his soon to be released album, zebra cakes and his tour with the ID Festival!


GDD: We at Gotta Dance Dirty like to start out by asking what is your favorite drink order?
LCV: My favorite drink?
GDD: Yeah, your favorite drink.
LCV: [Laughs] I feel like I’ve done an interview with you guys and I’ve already answered this.
GDD: We have, yeah you have already answered this, it’s Gin and Juice right?
LCV: Bombay Sapphire and Orange Juice. No not any gin, Bombay Sapphire.
GDD: Not a Tanqueray guy?
LCV: No, I call Tanqueray “Take-away” because I want you to take it away from me…it’s just nasty. It’s alright if it’s your only option, but I like Bombay a lot better.
GDD: Yeah, I’m a pretty big fan of Bombay myself so..
LCV: Although, you know women should not drink gin…
GDD: Yeah, I have heard that..
LCV: It’s bad for your ovaries! And that’s Science talking, not Le Castle Vania. I want all the women to enjoy gin, but science says no.
GDD: Haha, well it’s more of a guilty pleasure, I don’t drink it often, but it is my favorite.
LCV: Right on!
GDD:Alright, do you have any ridiculous items on your rider? If not what is something you want, but is too crazy to put down?
LCV: Um, I don’t really have anything too crazy. I had Zebra Cakes on there for awhile because there was like this running joke online and on twitter, I don’t know why…I don’t even know how it got started. But, fans started bringing me Zebra Cakes, and I got so sick of Zebra Cakes that I stopped tweeting about it.
GDD: Did you eat them all?
LCV: Nah, mostly I threw them out into the crowd and got all messy.
GDD:You’ve been doing this for 10+ years now. What is one interview question that you’ve never been asked but have a great answer to?
LCV: Oh man, this is one you sprung on me, I have to think about this one…
GDD: Haha yeah, I’m trying to be original here, you’ve done so many interviews…
LCV:That’s pretty good, pretty good! Man, I don’t know. I’m going to let that marinate while I do the rest of the interview and see if something comes up. I’ve been asked so many things…Usually if someone doesn’t bring something up that I want to talk about I’m pretty good at, like, tossing it in, and mixing it in with another questions in disguise or something. I get asked “Where did the name come from?” so many times.
GDD: Nobody knows Castle Vania?
GDD: I used to play that game…
LCV: Yeah, it’s kinda a loose reference to the video game. It’s really not that cool of a story actually. But, I get that question all the time, so at least you didn’t ask that.
GDD: Haha true, I didn’t ask that. Well, It seems like you have done almost everything but what is one goal you still haven’t achieved that you are aiming for now?
LCV: Um, I mean I have tons of goals that I’m still working towards, you know. Like I’ve done a lot but I have a lot more to do. I’m wrapping up my album, so that was a big deal for me to put out fully. You know, I definitely want to build a live show and do a bigger scale tour. I have a lot of goals. There is a lot of musicians that I want to collaborate with. I am really hopeful to one day do a song with Cedric [Bixler-Zalvala] of Mars Volta. He has, like, the craziest voice ever.
GDD: Your entire career you’ve done your own thing — made your own events, you’ve got your own label. Was that a conscious decision, to do everything independently? And how do you think that independence from big labels etc has shaped your career?
LCV: I mean, thats just kind of my style you know. I’ve always just kind of done my own thing. I didn’t want to be seen as one of those artists under another artist, or like being steered by someone else. I’m just doing me, music is a creative thing that comes from the individual. Not to say that I would always do that. I mean definitely if the right opportunity came up and it made sense and they were supporting my independence as an artist, then I would be certainly open to collaborating with the right people. I’ve made some really cool friends that opened a lot of opportunities so I’m not closed-minded to that. It’s just that is what has worked for me and the path that I’ve been on. So yeah, great question! Superior interview skills.
GDD: Haha thanks! So Webster is a pretty historic venue, is there anything you love/hate about it?
LCV: The main thing that I love is that every time I come back there has been a warmer and warmer reception and a bigger and bigger audience, so its been a cool opportunity to grow. Historically, I haven’t toured so much to New York. I don’t know why, I’ve just had more love from the west coast, even though I’m from the east coast, you know, I came from Atlanta. So, it’s cool to see that its getting better and better every time I come to New York.
GDD: How was Identity Festival this summer? Does it feel good to be off the bus?
LCV: Yeah! You know it was a really awesome experience, I did it last year as well…it’s just a super fun time. I kind of describe it as like summer camp for DJs. Cause it’s like all the artists are like hanging out everyday together, eating lunch together. So it’s a cool opportunity to hang with other creatives and check out everyone’s set. You know, it becomes really like a family, with all the artists and also all the teams behind it. You know, the roadies, everybody, the people who actually produce the event. Its just really cool, I had a blast! Nothing but good things to say about it, it was so much fun.
GDD: Was there anyone you got especially close with?
LCV: I kicked it a lot with Madeon this year, who is awesome. The whole team behind the scenes, the office, everybody there is super cool. Heather and Neha run the events, and Neha does all the social media. All of them are super cool. My homie, Stephan Jacobs who was one of the earlier acts, really cool guy, had a lot of fun with him. The guys from Nero, obviously smashed it every night, so that was a lot of fun.
GDD: And are you working on anything cool right now? What should we expect over the next few months?
LCV: Yeah, like I mentioned earlier, I’m finishing up my full length album. And I’ve even started working on some EPs for after that. We haven’t set a release date for any of it, but I’m working on some vocals right now. That’s the main thing, I really just want to put out a lot more music. I’m also wrapping up a remix for Vitalic, which i’m really excited about because I’m a big fan, so it’s cool to do that remix.
GDD: Well thank you so much for doing this!
LCV: No problem!


Photos courtesy of Andrew Rauner of  AJR Photography