Interviews: Guy Gerber

We promised the start of in the Summer of 2012, and who are we to break a promise?! With a ton of stuff in the pipeline that we are very amped about, it’s time to start bringing you guys some of the stuff we’ve been cooking up over the past months. First we bring you an interview with Techno master Guy Gerber.

After meeting up with the Israeli-native outside of LACMA on a truly gorgeous day, we spoke to him about his Fabric compilation — a beautiful selection of 16 tracks that flow seamlessly into each other, telling a story with delicate and harmonious changes in melody and chord progression. He also talked to us about the influence of Los Angeles in his music, the importance of visual art in the electronic music realm, his project 11:11 with Diddy, and more. He also left us with perhaps one of my favorite quotes from a musician thus far: “Girls come and go, but the music always stays.”

In case you missed it:
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