[REVIEW] Paige at Pacha NYC 8/17/12

We caught up with Paige before his show last Friday at Pacha NY. Check out the review and interview after the jump!

I couldn’t contain my excitement when I heard that Nari & Milani were coming back to NY for a headlining set at Pacha. Aside from being one of my favorite production duos of 2012, I had heard their live set was infectiously fun and couldn’t wait to hear their remix of Topher Jones’ “Brohammer” on the Pacha soundsystem. What I wasn’t expecting was to be wowed by newcomer Paige in his Pacha debut featuring a live performance from R&B superstar Deborah Cox.

Paige, a New York native, most recently broke into the scene with his performances at EDC NY and ID Fest as well as with his top notch production work. Soon to release tracks with Deborah Cox, Sean Paul and more, it seems like he just appeared out of nowhere, but with this debut under his belt and with all he has upcoming, it seems like he is one that you are going to want to keep an eye out for.

Pacha was completely packed by the time he took the decks at 1am. Starting off strong with Zedd – Spectrum(Deniz Koyu remix) and Antoine Clamaran & Cutee B. – Back Again.

His live performance was an electro-house lovers dream, keeping it light hearted and fun while making it impossible for anyone to stand still. His track selection consisted of mostly hard hitting Electro with added live performances from Alexis Biesiadam, Michelle Millano and Deborah Cox mixed in among the spectacle of the Paige dancers. Now, I’ve never been a big fan of the live singer plus DJ combo that’s become sort of a fad lately so I had very low expectations for this performance. The singer always ends up sounding terrible and the switch from a mixed set to a live performance is jarring and takes you out of the dance music experience. But when Deborah Cox emerged from behind the booth and started belting the first few lines of “Higher” I was floored. I looked around at the people next to me, and we were all thinking the same thing. “Damn, she sure can sing.” It was incredibly refreshing, and brought the whole experience up to another level.

After “Higher” she performed “Leave the World Behind” a track she did with Swedish House Mafia and Laidback Luke, followed by Paige finishing up his set with “Hell Yeah” by Tiesto and Showtek.

While I originally came to see Nari & Milani perform, Paige left me with a lasting impression and a strong desire to see what he’s got in store for the future. Make sure to check back in for his release of “Higher” and see him live at DayGlow Friday Sept 28th.

Paige Interview:

GDD: So we at GDD like to start off by by asking our signature question which is what’s your favorite drink order?

Paige: I usually don’t drink, but I have one before I go on. So I usually have a Corona or a shot of Jack, just to get it in the system.

GDD: Well this is your Pacha debut, how does it feel? What are you most excited about?

Paige: I’m just excited to see the local fans and the people I’ve been hanging with for years that came to show support and just get loose for the night.

GDD: So you said you’re a New York local, what’s your favorite pizza joint and what do you do on the weekends when you aren’t performing?

Paige: The closest one to me is in Huntington Village, Little Vintage Pizza. I try not to eat the pizza, I try to watch the weight cuz I need to keep the figure.

GDD: How about on the weekends do you do anything fun when you’re hanging out and not performing?

Paige: [Laughs] I’m literally in the studio 7 days a week, but if I get a free minute I head over to Long Beach to go surfing for a lil bit. In wintertime I try to go snowboarding.

GDD: You have this great new track coming out with Deborah Cox called “Higher” that will be performed live tonight. What do you think that the live performance brings to a DJ set? Usually in DJ sets you won’t have a live performer there so what will be different?

Paige: It’s a little different than a live performance because the music is not going to stop. It’s a club, it’s time to come out and party, no one is here to wait! So the music is going to keep flowing and the fact that [Deborah Cox] can personally perform the song instead of just playing it, I think it puts it on a whole other level of intimacy and a connection you can’t get by just playing the record.

GDD: What was it like working together on the track and how did the song come about?

Paige: Well she had heard a few of the records we did, and she fell in love with that one because the meaning behind it and the power of it is just not rapping about partying or whatever. She was able to really put her heart behind it and she knew that was the one right away. So we went with it and made changes and made it perfect.

GDD: So what can we expect from you in the future?

Paige: Well we have a whole line-up of songs coming out. At least a few handful of them ready to go, we’re just waiting for the release times. And two remixes with Sean Paul and Kelly Rowland, and tonight was the release of The Veronica’s track “Lolita” in Australia.

GDD: Well thank you so much for taking the time and it was great chatting with you!

Paige: Awesome thank you! It was a pleasure.


Photographs courtesy of Michael Elezovic.