The Dirt #85: Tre + Tamara Sky

Ms. Tamara Sky and myself, Tre are on dirt duty this week and we have some splendidly fresh sounds for your experienced ears.  From massive drops to spotless underlying groove, Tamara and myself have covered all the bases.  So sit back, grab some free tunes and enjoy!

Check out all the free goodies after the jump!

Tre’s Picks:

Maribou State‘s latest work is a well-constructed remix of Submotion Orchestra‘s Blind Spot.  The remix is eerie, deep, groovy and quite beautiful to say the least.

The other day Pierce Fulton dropped an undeniably catchy remix of Usher’s smash hit Scream.  Pierce’s remix of Scream showcases all the essential Progressive House elements: a catchy breakdown, a strong build, and a drop that would compliment any large dance floor or festival grounds.

Mitch Murder‘s Feel the Air is a gorgeous, melodically-driven 80’s anthem thats slower groove and dramatic vocals will give your body a good dose of the shakes.

Recently Zombie Disco Squad brought a smile to my face by giving away their booty shaking single, Do It Like This.  The song is hypnotizing to say the least, make sure you pick it up.

Lemmy Ashton has given us another great remix, make sure to keep an eye on this kid!

Tre’s Zip

Tamara’s Picks

Machine guns, heavy bass and stabby evil synths in this track makes my stomach tickle like roller coasters. UZ is one of the rising stars of this underground trap movement that ‘s been happening in the EDM world this year… and for good reason. Check out his whole ‘Trap Shit’ EP.

This track by Brooklyn’s Baauer showcases trap at it’s finest. The latin marimba sounds will have your ass shaken’ in no time.

Imagine an X-files alien voodoo rave while listening to this. Check out Triple Six Soundclub’s Lil Death tape for more grave-rave tunes!

Melé is one of the hostess young producers in the UK today. His influences of grime, hip hop and techno makes his melodic style very recognizable. This ‘Tenderly’ rework was given away for free via Annie Mac Presents! Check out the original here.

Wet your eardrums and let your body slowine to this minimal dancehall anthem from Schlachthofbrox’s album ‘Dirty Dancing’.

Tamara’s Zip

Much Love,
Tre & Tamara Sky