[DOWNLOAD] John Dahlback AKA Demure – Kill The Silence

We’ve always been aware of the multifaceted talent of Swedish producer, John Dahlbäck, and today he’s cemented his versatility even further as he is giving away a full album under his side project, Demure, which features 13 original downtempo tracks made for easy listening. When juxtaposed to his throbbing club tracks, you almost wouldn’t believe that Dahlbäck was behind this, but his description explains it all — “This album is something I first started doing for my iPod. Something beautiful I could listen to on the plane, bus or wherever I was. I’m now sharing this with you. This is not EDM and not for the clubs. This is purely just for listening.” Amen to that Mr. Dahlbäck, Amen. Download the entire album for free below. √+

Download HERE.
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♥ jonahberry