GDD™ Morning Update: Fatboy Slim at the Olympics, Diplo and Friends Dirtybird Takeover, Skrillex and Boys Noize’s Dog Blood ‘Middle Finger’ EP

Good morning! Today’s stories include Fatboy Slim at the Olympics, the Diplo and Friends Dirtybird Takeover, and Skrillex and Boys Noize’s Dog Blood Middle Finger EP. Please read on after the jump.


Fatboy Slim has it large ‘DJing’ at the Olympics Closing Cermony

We can forgive you for not being up at 6am on a Monday morning to catch the Closing Ceremony of the London Olympics. If you did catch the bright-and-early broadcast, though, you would’ve seen the nod to Britain’s rich DJ history via an appearance from Fatboy Slim. The big beat veteran was clearly relishing his ‘set’ on top of a giant inflatable octopus, bringing his stadium-sized anthemsRight Here, Right Now and The Rockafeller Skank to the party. Whether his decks were actually operational is, of course, another question altogether.

He wasn’t the only Brit bringing the music, either, with Jessie J, The Who, The Spice Girls, Liam Gallagher, Pet Shop Boys and Muse all performing. Naturally Twitter buzzed with people speculating on who was miming, while Fatboy Slim took to his Twitter with the message: “Bless this Olympic (Acid) House!” Strangely, if you search ‘Fatboy Slim’ in Twitter you’ll see a lot of people admitting they’d previously thought he was fat and black. “Fatboy Slim: still pretending to DJ,” is another common response.

The appearance at one of the world’s biggest events was all in a day’s work for Fatboy Slim. From London, he’s on his way directly to Ibiza to play for his friend Carl Cox at his Tuesday residency at Space, where he’ll be playing a lot more than two tracks. The man spoke to NZ City recently about how he’s feeling “fitter than ever” and enjoying the DJ circuit: “I listen to current dance music and I think, do I even fit in here? I really don’t feel drawn to the studio. I much prefer to focus on DJing. Skrillex told me he gave up playing in bands and took up DJing because of me.”

As musically focused as the Olympics send-off was, it had a hard time measuring up to the much-celebrated Opening Ceremony a fortnight ago. For that night, the music was in the hands of electronic masterminds Underworld (with help from drum & bass dynamo High Contrast). The Opening Ceremony’s artistic director, Danny Boyle, had previously worked with the pair on his films, with 1996’s Trainspotting helping make Born Slippy into an anthem.

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Diplo and Friends BBC Radio 1 Dirtybird Takeover featuring Justin Martin and Claude VonStroke

Start your week off with two-hours of Dirtybird booty bass from Justin Martin and Claude VonStroke. While keeping their old sounds fresh, they delved into new territory with their own brand of drum and bass. It’s a wild ride from start to finish, so hurry up and enjoy the amazing mixes.



Skrillex and Boys Noize’s project Dog Blood drops first EP

Last week, we posted a mysterious teaser for a track attributed to the previously unheard of “Dog Blood”. While the 1:43 video came with little information about who or what Dog Blood is, with both Boys Noize and Skrillex linking to the teaser on Facebook – and the track set to be released on August 13 through Boysnoize Records and OWSLA – it didn’t take long to put two and two together and figure that Dog Blood must be a new collaboration between tastemakers Alex Ridha and Sonny Moore.

Today, August 13 arrived and Dog Blood’s debut EP dropped. Up for sale on Beatport, the Middle Finger EP is being released through Boysnoize Records – no mention of Skrillex’s label OWSLA right now. The EP is made up of a full length version of last week’s teaser Next Order as well as title track Middle Finger, and both have been slapped with a techno label (guess Beatport’s yet to add “MIDDLE FINGER ACID TERROR” to its list of fast-rising genres).

We’re still waiting for either Boys Noize or Skrillex to definitively confirm that Dog Blood is a collaboration between the pair, but at present there’s nothing to suggest otherwise. At any rate, we can definitely hear a bit of them both in Middle Finger and Next Order. Agree?

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