The Dirt #84: Troy Kurtz & Steven N. Ewald is a late night lean party full of sexy, haunting bass

• The Dirt #84 .zip (10 tracks)

Tonight, things are leaned out, grimey and late night.  We’ve scoured the sonic landscape for these picks that have been taking us over the edge and into the abyss lately.  Embrace your inner afterparty weirdo.  Go deep.  Get ’em into you.


Let’s start with your last song at the festival.

Each week, we ask you to send us your tracks and recommendations via our hashtag #GDDSubmit to GDD Twitter and GDD Facebook.  This week we had a number of absolutely killer submissions, the top one coming from our friends LessThan3 in the form of this massive, smashing bootleg by Shapes of Light.


Welcome to the afterparty.  The latest by Birdy Nam Nam and Skrillex get “Loc’d The Fuck Out” by David Heartbreak.


Keep things grindin’ with this Bongiovanni grimey bass remix of the Snoop Dogg and Pharrell classic.  House 2 Sip 2 indeed.


As deep as we’re gonna get tonight, some truly leaned-out trap remixing on our classically deep house favorite Kashii.  Montreal producer High Klassified takes things on a trippy, slow spin; not sure what’s up with the abrupt finish, but definitely an up and comer to keep your ears on, nonetheless.


Neil Young wrote this masterpiece. Poolside brilliantly covered it. James Murphy poignantly played this at HARD Summer. Burn Unit keenly tracked it down for our HARD Summer Wrapup, so I thought I’d zip her up for your here as well. These are almost all of my favorite people, ever. Your night is now complete.



• Ultimate Kaos – Casanova (Mickey Re-Work)

I had the pleasure of meeting the friendly Belgian lad Mickey at the beginning of this year in Miami for some shows. I introduced him to his first burrito, and shortly after, he played one of the best sets I’ve heard all year.

Future Unlimited – Golden (Mighty Mouse Vocal Remix)

For the second Dirt in a row, Mighty Mouse has found their way into my picks. Loving the bassline on this one.

Bondax – You’re So (Star Slinger Refix)

Star Slinger is making some seriously sexy music. His remix of Jessie Ware is incredible.

Shout Out Out Out Out – Wayward Satellite (Jokers of the Scene Trans-Canada Highway remix)

This might be one of the prettiest songs I’ve ever heard Jokers of The Scene produce. Not to discount the fact that it is still awesomely dark and haunting, but it is nice to hear them without their foot mashed down on the pedal.

MVSEVM – Expectations (dub mix)

MVSEVM just released a killer new EP on the Discobelle imprint and are releasing the dub of ‘Expectations’ for free download. How nice.

All our best,

Steven N. Ewald and Troy Kurtz