[STREAM] Usher’s ‘Scream’ Remixed by Surkin, Oliver $, and Club Cheval

The new single from Usher has immersed itself completely in the dance music community in the past few weeks, with a staggering 9 acclaimed producers remixing the original for RCA. Today, 3 producers from Europe that you wouldn’t really expect to hop on board an Usher track have done just that; with Marble‘s Surkin, Made to Play‘s Oliver $, and the French supergroup, Club Cheval, all trying their hand at the commercial release. Stream all 3 of them and find out which one is my favorite below.

Now, all three of these remixes retain a hefty amount of vocals from the original (how could you ever cut out Usher’s angelic voice?), but each one takes a different direction as you’d expect from the artists involved. Surkin keeps “Scream” club-ready, adding in a rolling lead and a little wonky wobble for the hook. As usual, the Marble rep’s percussion is absolutely on point. Next, we have Oliver $‘s take, which levels out the high-energy original with a consistent House beat accompanied by a seemingly never-ending high hat. In my opinion, the third remix from the fearsome foursome known as Club Cheval was the most impressive of the three. Truly transforming the song, Club Cheval gets Big Room with “Scream,” adding in a few drops and amplifying it for the main stage. Listen to all three above and head over to the RCA Remix Soundcloud to listen to all 9!


♥ jonahberry