Light Year – Moderation [Jori Hulkkonen Remix]

I generally don’t like to center a post around a minute and a half preview of a track but in this case, I just couldn’t pass this one up.  So if you’re down for a quick game of Just the Tip, I’ve got just the teaser for you.

In the six months since its release, “Moderation” by Light Year never really seemed to die down.  It’s been 2012’s “Your Everything”, a song you can drop in any techno, electro, deep house or disco set that is a guaranteed crowd pleaser.  The first round of “Moderation” remixes are all packaged up and ready to go.  The first remix by Gingy & Bordello was previewed on Light Year’s SoundCloud last week.  But it’s this second preview that’s got me all riled up.  As a longtime fan of Jori Hulkkonen, I couldn’t be more pleased that he’s a part of the “Moderation” remix package.  To this day, Jori Hulkkonen is still the gold medal winner of my all time favorite Essential Mix, circa 2002 (PLEASE LISTEN).

The first round of “Moderation” remixes are scheduled for release on August 17th courtesy of Motorik.  In the mean time,  here’s a little tickler of the fantastic new Jori Hulkkonen remix …